parting of ways

Words of love are constantly spoken
And the promises constantly broken
You live to lie and you lie to live
And I’m the only one who gives
You take , you use , and you abuse
The love and trust that is given to you
Yet every night I pray that you will change your way
What do we do that we fail
And love can not prevail.
Does love tend to smother you and you
Don’t know what to do ?
Is it that you’ve been hurt before
And you refuse to take a chance any more ?
In life there are no guarantees
You just go with what you see.
There are people who love you all around
And you’ve let every one down.
You laughed when I told you I couldn’t
Take amy more and that I would
Walk out that door.
Well I guess that we must part
I will not live with a broken heart.
© L . RAMS 111716


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