there’s a Toyland at the mall saying “ come on in we have it all “
The children dressed in winter gear looking for Santa
And his reindeer.
Other children in the mall window shopping and having a ball.
The Christmas carolers all around making shoppers happy
With their sounds.

You can hear church choirs singing silent night
And the houses all lit up with Christmas lights.
Toyland is a Santa’s workshop where elves work never stops
Every toy within your sight is a Childs delight
Sleds , bikes , dolls and more – you can find it at this store.
Through glass windows you can see , the Elves
Working and singing happily.

The children are asking “ Santa where are you tonight
It’s Christmas eve and you’re no where in sight.
They say it only takes you an hour to cover the world
And leave presents for every boy and girl.
We know we’re supposed to be asleep when you come
But seeing you would be so much fun.

There’s a child in all of us yearning to be free
Looking for our dreams underneath the Christmas tree
Then when we get older we put our childhood dreams away
But in our hearts it will forever stay.

We need this Toyland as much as the children do
And this we know is so very true.

© L . RAMS 120716


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