the ” ultimate christmas “

Children around the world waiting for Christmas day
So many letters to Santa, with so many things to say.
Asking for every toy ever known to man
And all his little elves giving a helping hand.

It is no longer dolls, wooden soldiers, and rubber balls
That they ask for today.
It is computers and computer games, Nintendo’s and wii”s
That on TVs. you could see virtual reality.
Cell phones and kindles to read your books.
The touch of a finger is all it took.

Even with all the technology today
Children are taught to kneel and pray.
Christmas isn’t just a day of gift giving
For without CHRIST life isn’t worth living.

So don’t take CHRIST out of CHRIST- MAS
Let him forever stay, for in our lives
He will lead the way.

SCROOGE who had the coldest heart in town
On this day CHRIST he found.
He learned the joys of love and giving
And his life was now worth living.
All his wealth he started to share
And his love was beyond compare.

Because of his help and love- TINY TIM survived
For without the operation he would surely have died.
TINY TIM grew up and became as successful as can be
And taught and raised his own family.

Leaving CHRIST in CHRIST-MAS was the key
That helped to pull him out of poverty.
So why do we need ghosts in our lives to appear?
It doesn’t cost anything for love to share.

louis rams


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