the apostles chapel

Blessed was the day that I walked the streets alone
No family , no friends , no home
With five cents in my pocket and my clothes torn and tattered
And death seemed like the only solution that mattered.
I would ask people for help and they would turn their backs
No one knew me or what I had gone through
But they was quick to judge and to put me down
And once in a while throw a coin on the ground.
I went to the top of the bridge ready to jump
When I heard a voice say “ don’t do that for you are my son “
I looked around and there was no one there
Just a puff of smpke hanging in the air.
“ there are tests that everyone goes through ,just to see
What they would do.
When you was about to take the plunge you asked for forgiveness
And God heard your plea and decided to send me.
Still looking at the puff of smoke – it started to take shape
Of an angel with the most beautiful face , dressed all in white
From head to toe , and the face with such a glow.
As it stood there I could see the wings upon its back
And as that hand touched me , I felt my old life come back.
“ you never did anything wrong my son it’s just a test of time “
Of when you would call me and take away your blinds.
From this moment on your life will change and nothing
Will ever be the same.
Sooner or later everyone will call upon God
Whether near or whether far.
The gift of redemtion God has given to you
Because your heart is pure and your thoughts are true.
Believe in me as I believe in you , and a better life will come true.
The Apostles chapel is down below , and this is where you must go
And the changes you need you will know.
© l . RAMS 121416


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