i feel his presence

I felt his presence around me and felt a chill run up my spine, showing me all the beauties that he created for you and I .
He has taught me to love my fellow man and to give
The helpless a gentle and loving hand.
Every time I had fallen and gone astray
He was there beside me to lead and guide the way.
So this is going to be the song to sing for the people
Who don’t have anything.

LORD ! I put myself in your hands cause my needs you understand
You will give me what I need just so that I can breathe.
My needs may not be so great , but you give me what it takes
You give enough to feed and clothe me and a little extra too
To do the things that I must do.
You say “help yourself and I will help you “
And that is just what I will do .
when I am sick and feeling weak , you build
Me up to my peak.
You have never let me down for your presence is all around.
I thank you LORD each and every day that you help and guide me
And show me the way.
© L . RAMS 121816


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