Jesus and John the baptist

The most beautiful sound I ever heard was when
Jesus spoke his loving words
“ believe in me as I believe in you “
Those words ring so true..
He has been with us since our birth
He is our savior here on earth.
Two thousand years age God gave us a sacrificial lamb
He gave us his son so we could learn and understand.
Christianity was created with his name , and Christmas
Did just the same for Gabriel is the Christmas angel
Who God sent to tell Elizabeth of the birth of John
And then to Mary to tell the birth of Jesus.
Now God made John a special man to preach of Christ s
Coming throughout the land.
John would baptize all who was seeking salvation
And to the wicked he would preach hell and damnation.
When Jesus came to be baptized John stood in awe
This was the one he had been waiting for.
John felt unqualified to do what Jesus had asked of him
And told Jesus “ I need to be baptized by you “
But Jesus had to be baptized to endorse John s “ ministry of baptism “
When Jesus head came out of the water – the heavens opened
And the spirit of God descended upon him.
‘ this is my son whom I love – with him I am well pleased “
The people who witnessed this extraordinary scene
Were astonished and began to believe.
Now when I pray on Christmas day , I give thanks to
These three in my own way.
Gabriel the Christmas messenger , John the Baptist who opened
Up the path for all to see that “ Jesus was sent to save you and me“.
© L . RAMS 122716


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