don’t run so fast

Baby don’t run so fast , my heart has to
Catch up to you if it can.
You’re going thru life like a race
It’s time you slowed up your pace.
I want to be there at your bewitching hour
When you stop to smell the flowers.
I’ve been in love with you for so long
And my heart has grown so strong.
Your face appears to me in my sleep
And my heart begins to leap.
The scent of your perfume , the softness of your hair
Your eyes hypnotic beyond compare.
Let me hold you in my embrace and capture
All the beauty of your face.
I know that time goes by very fast , but
My love you’ll have to grasp.
Patience is a quality which I have outgrown
So don’t let my love turn to stone.
Don’t run so fast !
© L . RAMS 010317


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