he fills me up

My heart is warmer and my soul is on fire
My spiritual life is climbing much higher
I found myself after searching for so long
It’s always been where it belonged.

The cross I carry around my neck has filled
Me with the greatest love yet.
I hold it in my hand and I kiss it all day
And to him I do pray.

My prayers are answered every time that I speak
And only him do I seek .
No longer do I have an emptiness where all
My fears I did hide , just an exhilarating feeling deep inside.
Like an empty bottle that is filled with wine
He fills my spirit with a love divine.

Call his name when you are in despair , and your problems
With him you share.
You’ll feel a calmness in your mind , and the relief
Which is hard to find.
Put it in his hands and believe with all your heart
And he will tear the problems apart.
© L. RAMS 010317


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