saint peter at the gate

Saint Peter was at the gate to welcome me in
As an angelic choir sang a glorious hymn
There was so many different shades of green that
On earth had never been seen
Shades of blues , whites and reds , to dazzle
Your eyes and your head.

I walked around in complete awe. And meeting
family members I had never seen before
They knew everything about me from my birth
The good , the bad , and all it s worth.
Every one of our lives was put on a screen
So our lives could be seen.

As I looked behind me , I could see all the
Members of our family tree
It was like looking at a television with channels
And volumes – and I was the remote with the power
To look at each one and what they had gone through
In their life , before they came to GODS paradise.

Then came Saint Peters voice like a gentle wind
Welcoming all the new comers in.
“ welcome my brothers and sisters to Paradise
You are all here because you led a decent life “
All of heaven is covered in white for JESUS purity
And sacrifice .

All of GODS creations are here for you to see.
You can swim with the dolphins or play with a deer
For all the animals from earth are all right here.
Every creature is as gentle as can be , and are
Waiting for your company


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