my blinds were taken away

Blessed was the day that I walked the streets alone
No family , no friends , no home
With five cents in my pocket and my clothes torn and tattered
And death seemed like the only solution that mattered.
I would ask people for help and they would turn their backs.
No one knew me or what I had gone through , but they was
Quick to judge and to put me down , and once in a while
Throw a coin on the ground.

I went to the top of the bridge ready to jump , when I heard
A voice say “ don’t do that – for you are my son “
I looked around , but there was no one there
Just a puff of smoke hanging in the air.
“ there are tests that everyone goes through , just to see
What they will do “

When you was about to take that plunge you asked
For forgiveness and GOD heard your plea , and decided to send me.
Still looking at the puff of smoke when it started to take shape
Of an Angel with the most beautiful face , and all in white
From head to toe and the face with such a beautiful glow.

As it stood there I could see the wings on it s back
And as that hand touched me , I saw my old life come back.
GOD said you never did anything wrong my son – it was just a test of time
Of when you would call me and take away your blinds.
© L . RAMS 011516


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