relationship proposal

For a relationship to work you must have three things
Love , Respect and Honesty
If one is missing it will not work !
Knowing this – he decided to tell her :
“ it’s time I ask you to marry me – five years together
So you know we were meant to be.
If we argue we walk away , for tomorrow
Always brings a calmer day . “
We enjoy walking hand in hand , we like the same music
And the same bands.
I love your parents and you love mine , and they’re
Always asking if we picked a time.
We spoke of children and getting a large home
So both our parents would never be alone
And Combining our incomes so we could enjoy life
Without any struggles and strife.
If you say yes , I’ll be a happy man and we could
Go on with our plan.
This is my relationship proposal to you and all
I need is to hear you say “ I do “.
© L . RAMS 012517


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