his word

JESUS said I would be saved if I listened
And changed my ways.
The Father sent down his begotten son
For there was so much work to be done.
Christianity would not come overnight
We had to stand up to “ tyranny “ and fight.
Look at the word Christianity and my name
You’ll plainly see.
I look to you now Lord on bended knees
And to you I do plead
Just give me a chance to show I’ve changed
For there is no other way , cause in my heart
You will forever stay.
You have made the ultimate sacrifice
When you gave up your own life.
Your love and belief in the father above
Who had given you his tender love
To fight the devil on his ground , and try to
Weaken and put you down.
He tried to entice you with gold , diamonds and pearls
And even tried to offer you his world , but you had
Stood your ground . And any weaknesses he had never found.
Now I can never be as strong as you , I know that and so do you.
Yet I will give it my every being and every fiber of my soul
To try to keep all evil thoughts on hold .
Although it is hard with this world in such turmoil
And slavery , hypocrisy and wars still exist , and
Hatred in our midst.
We tend to fall out of your grace in this time
And in this place , but LORD I am trying
To follow your words , cause I know that no one can
Follow the path that you led , or the pains and the
Blood that you bled.
Strengthen me for I am weak , and build me up
To my peak.
© L . RAMS 012917


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