my political beliefs

you have your political beliefs and i have mine
we could change it – it just takes time
many citizens could not take the change and
they looked for someone to blame.
many may not like to share or even believe in Obamacare
but at least he did what others failed to do
he made an attempt to help me and you.
insurance had gotten out of hand and it
was more than we could stand.
kickbacks to the politicians they give
so that the C.E.O. “s can continue
their lifestyles to live.
i’ve yet to see a politician who is honest and free
free of graft and hypocrisy , free to help
citizens like you and me.
but this has been going on since the beginning of time
and as citizens we accepted it just fine.
Trump does’nt know the laws or even politics
he’s just a buisness man who knows all the tricks.
i think America s forefathers would be ashamed
of what they would see , and how Trump
created this catastrophe.
many world leaders are in total dismay
how an American elect president
can think and act this way.


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