remembering the sixties

We all have a lifetime of memories , some bad , some good
Some we’d change if we could.
Like the passing of a loved one that left us behind
Yet we still see their face in our mind.
A joke , a laughter , a smile or two
These are things that we once knew.
Going to a party or a community dance and wearing
Those Bell Bottom pants.
We are now called Baby Boomers from the sixties
Who got high on Acid , Pot and Whiskey.
You could find pot everywhere , and people were willing to share.
Then came the biggest event of that time “ WOODSTOCK “
Where everyone got blind.
There was flower power and protesters against the Vietnam war
And many draftees ran to the Canadian shores.
I was still in the Army in 63 and to Birmingham Alabama
Is where they would send me .
The desegregation had just begun and the Alabama governor was on the run.
Twice he tried and twice he failed and had his head between his tail.
This was the time that the sixties went into the history books
And all the lives that it took.
In August of 62 Marilyn Monroe died
In November of 63 it was JFK who w0as assassinated
In April of 68 it was Martin Luther King assassinated
In June of 68 it was Robert F . Kennedy assassinated
Then came Woodstock art and music festival 8/15-8/19/69
I recall in the villages of lower Manhattan when coffee shops
Were filled with beatnik poets with their beards and long hair
And their music and poetry they was willing to share.
Times were so much different then . where you would meet
Someone and they would become your friend.
Now I leave this thought to you “ remembering the sixties “
Is a dream come true.
© L . RAMS 071817


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