i forgot to tell you ” i love you “



I forgot to tell you “I love you “ and you died in an accident today
And this pain in my heart will never go away.
Everything is taken for granted in our daily lives , that we tend
To ignore the beauties of our wives.
You are my soul mate . My shining star at night and thru the
Bitter arguments and the fussing and the fights.
You are the one who completes me and made me what I am today
And now you are gone and to you I do pray.
In my sleep I reach across the bed searching for your hand
But it’s no longer there and hard to understand.
Why didn’t I tell you “I love you “ on that day
And this pain will stay forever and will never go away.

If you have a loved one “ then tell them every day just how
Much you love them “ before time slips away .
© L . RAMS 022418


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