can marriages last

Can marriages last

53 years that we’re together some years worse
Some years better.
Many things have tried to tear us apart
But she has my soul- she has my heart.
Like all couples we tend to argue and fight
But all is forgotten by the end of the night.
Love has no boundaries or walls
It matters not if you’re short or tall
It matters not if you’re black or white
For true love has no sight.
Couples living together can walk away if they choose
And they have nothing to lose.
If our love can last in this time and era
Maybe marriages will get much better.
Now if you have a child or two – what are you going to do ?
Will you turn your back and walk away or will you do the right thing and stay.
© L . RAMS 122418


do it for love


Do it for love I was told , not for diamonds
Emeralds or gold.
I’d gladly give up all my fortune and fame
Just to be with her once again.
There is no value that you can put on love
It is given from the heavens above.
She had loved me with all her heart
And I just took it and tore it apart.
I thought only of wealth for an easier life
And in the process I lost my wife.
She did not want a big house on a well known street
Or fancy foods for her to eat.
Being together would have been fine
Yet I never found the time.
She told me to slow down and enjoy life
It comes around once not twice.
You can not take money with you when you die
But good memories will do just fine.
Take the time to say “ I love you “ every day
Cause “ time just passes away “.
Stop and enjoy nature and all its beauty that we have been given
To make this life really worth living.
Remember the smiles , the laughter , the times you shared
When you threw your problems all up in the air.
© L . RAMS 090418

if there was a visitors door to heaven

If there was a visitors door to heaven

If there was a visitors door to heaven, I’d be there every day
Just to see you smile as you run around and play.
If there was a visitors door to heaven – your mother
Would be first in line, then your dad and all your
Family members in line.

If there was a visitors door to heaven, our love would pour inside
As you spread your wings to see the never ending line.
If there was a bench in heaven where I could sit and pass the time away
Then that’s where you’d find me as you fulfill my heart each day.
We are here on earth, and you Aare high above watching over the people
That gave you all their love.

The visitors door is there, we see it in our sleep
We know you are safe and happy in in the arms of GODS keep.
© L. RAMS 032518
louis rams :

Parklands 17 Angels

Seventeen angels all in a row looking at earth down below
Seventeen angels who didn’t stand a chance
Against a gunman’s steady advance.
their lives taken in their prime , and not knowing the reason Why .
Seeing the pains of their family and friends and praying
For change that will make this end.
Columbine . Sandy Hook, Las Vegas ,and now Parkland
We as citizens have to take a stand.
Raising the age limit may slow it down , but automatic
Weapons can still be found.
Automatic weapons should be banned
With single shot guns and rifles we hunted and defended this land.
How many more lives must be taken ?
Before the politicians are awakened.
© L . RAMS 030118

i forgot to tell you ” i love you “



I forgot to tell you “I love you “ and you died in an accident today
And this pain in my heart will never go away.
Everything is taken for granted in our daily lives , that we tend
To ignore the beauties of our wives.
You are my soul mate . My shining star at night and thru the
Bitter arguments and the fussing and the fights.
You are the one who completes me and made me what I am today
And now you are gone and to you I do pray.
In my sleep I reach across the bed searching for your hand
But it’s no longer there and hard to understand.
Why didn’t I tell you “I love you “ on that day
And this pain will stay forever and will never go away.

If you have a loved one “ then tell them every day just how
Much you love them “ before time slips away .
© L . RAMS 022418

letter to santa

SANTA ! I don’t want gifts underneath the Christmas tree
All I want is a loving family.
A family that I can call my very own and feel that I belong.
There are so many of us here where I stay
And every night we all kneel to pray.
I want loving arms to hold me when I am in pain
Not abuse me and make me feel ashamed.
We are not bad kids – we’ve just been abandoned and abused
And for many adults we have no use.
SANTA ! We are not different from others
We want a family with sisters and brothers.
I know you don’t have a family in your Christmas bag
But if you did , I’d be so glad.
Maybe you could leave a note on all the stockings tonight
“ adopting a child would be a Christmas delight “

From a kid who believes in you !
© L . RAMS 122117

Christmas Remembrance

It’s been a while since I’ve been here
It’s time to spread good will and cheer
There is so much gloom in the world today
And many have forgotten how to pray
With family and friends we are no longer in touch
Because of fires , earthquakes , hurricanes and such .
With that in mind I’ll make some time
To say a prayer for yours and mine.
Christmas is remembering what we do have
Not what we lost , so our problems
To the wind we must toss.
Now is the time to get up off your ass
You cannot change whets already past .
So teach the children about the birth of CHRIST
And all he had to sacrifice. By giving up his life
So that we could live – more than that he could not give!
He was but a child when the three kings appeared
Creating gift giving , good will and good cheer.
Centuries have passed since this took place
And it has spread from race to race.
No matter what struggles come our way
But for now let the children play.
( show the children the true meaning of Christmas
And never take CHRIST out of Christmas )
© L . RAMS 121517

days of old Christmas

You can feel the magic in the air , it’s the Christmas
Spirit that’s everywhere.
Thanksgiving is gone and the mad rush has begun
With Black Friday sales for everyone.

Your children’s eyes are open wide , hoping to get that big surprise.
Bicycles , skateboards , roller blades and more
Electronic games . Xboxes and PS4

Yet some still hold on to days of old when children played in the cold.
Waiting for that first snowfall to build a snowman and have a snowball fight
This was the children’s delight .

Getting your sled and taking it to the top of the hill
and sliding all the way down – “was such a thrill” .
And in the city or in the suburbs , the sounds of the children’s laughter
Was all that was heard.

Where children would walk by your side greeting others
With a “ hello “ or “ hi “ and wishing everyone a a “ Merry Christmas “
And a “happy new year “ and walking the streets without any fears.

Time does not stand still and things must change, but children
Should not be in the house playing some games.

“ bring back days of old Christmas “
© L. RAMS 112617 ( new )

what is Christmas

What is Christmas without family , without presents underneath the tree
What is Christmas without faith , hope and love
Given to us from the Lord up above.
What is Christmas without the smiles and joys
Of the children playing with their toys.

When your mind is empty and not a memory to be found
And you feel like your dreams are laying on the ground.
This is the time that you look at the world thru the
Eyes of every boy and girl.

The spirit of a child is an everlasting light that reminds you
Of another child s sacrifice.
This vision was seen by three kings from afar who traveled
To where he was by following a star.
The gifts they gave was the start of something new
And to this day the tradition has followed through.

It is called Christmas- Christ – Mas – meaning more of Christ !
What is Christmas ?
It is different for everyone ! But for me it’s the birth of GODS SON .
© L . RAMS 112617 ( new )

praying hands

let us pray for all the people who are in harms way

Praying Hands

I had a dream with my lord CHRIST 
He touched my head, not once but twice.
I felt my body jump up in bed
I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled.

I felt the power of his healing hands
He showed it to me so I could understand.
With faith in our hearts he will heal
And his hands you will feel.

I awoke that morning with the spirit inside
Those praying hands I had to find.
I found a figurine of his hands
And put it upon my night stand.

In my prayers that I say day and night
I squeeze those hands with all my might.
Now when I feel life s pressures are getting me down
I touch those hands that I had found.

And when I feel an ailment or two
Then I know what I must do.
I touch those hands and say a prayer
This is the bond that we share.

There is no other feeling like the love of GOD
When you have him in your heart.

louis rams

praying-hands-2539580__340.jpg jesus

praying hands