homeless alcoholic

He walked the streets – his head hung low
With no place that he could go.
Being homeless is a crying shame
And he had just himself to blame
He had a house , a family too and he
Turned his back on them “ it’s true “.
What the hell did he think when he thought
That he could control his drink.
His alcohol problems he refused to face
And being high on the job is not the right place
He was putting his co-workers lives at stake
So there was a decision he had to make.
He knew then what they was saying was true
But professional help he would not do .
Without this help he would fall through the cracks
And there would be no turning back.
He turned his back on job and family
His stupid pride he did not see.
Now the thoughts just flood his mind
If he would have taken the help
He would have been just fine.

“ take the help when help is given “
© L RAMS 110316