Parklands 17 Angels

Seventeen angels all in a row looking at earth down below
Seventeen angels who didn’t stand a chance
Against a gunman’s steady advance.
their lives taken in their prime , and not knowing the reason Why .
Seeing the pains of their family and friends and praying
For change that will make this end.
Columbine . Sandy Hook, Las Vegas ,and now Parkland
We as citizens have to take a stand.
Raising the age limit may slow it down , but automatic
Weapons can still be found.
Automatic weapons should be banned
With single shot guns and rifles we hunted and defended this land.
How many more lives must be taken ?
Before the politicians are awakened.
© L . RAMS 030118


angel vs devil

the cries of this soul entering the valley of death
where others before him sat and wept.
the life you changed is a life that had gone wrong
it was on the road of self destruction , and for
the devil it was an abduction.
your powerful wings brouht you to my side, when you heard
my far distant cry it was a cry for help so loud and clear
that all others shook with fear.
it was an echo that rang like the bells on a steeple
giving a warning to all its people.
knowing that your battle had begun , they looked down
to the earth to see which one had won.
the wings of the angel knocked the devil to his knees
as his pitchfork struck him and he began to bleed.
the devil jabbing at him with all his might , not wanting
to lose another fight.
the angels wings moved quickly like in a dance
and the devil knew he had no chance.
his arms were tired as he continued to poke
as the angels wings weakened him with every stroke.
with a screech he fell to the ground , screaming to the angel
” you won this round ”
no longer did he have control over a child of GOD
because it had become much to hard.
the angel carried the soul to the heavens above
where all he could see was happiness and love.
(C) L . RAMS 062915