the creator

The Creator

He made the universe with the wave of his hand
then decided to change the plan.
he made this planet of dirt and stone
but it could not be left alone.

He needed something to quench his thirst
from the ground water did burst.
he made this planet two thirds water
and put in creatures to complete the order.

He felt all that he created was a great plan.
then he decided to make man.
man was the most difficult challenge
of all his creations
for it had to be of great sensation.

man would live on all the creatures
that he created, in land, air, or sea.
to be able to think, with the brain
that they was given,
and control all life forms that was living.

He decided to give man a heart of gold
and then added a thing called soul.

he gave the heart a two fold purpose
one to live, and the other to feel
all sorts of different sensations.
then he added all the other spices
love, sorrow, jealousy, bitterness and hate.

but the strongest two was LOVE AND FAITH.
now that the heart was complete
he took the soul, and he did treat.
he treated it with all that he had put into
the mind and heart.
this is how we got our start.

now that all this was done
in the future he would give his SON.
His son may have many different names
but he is GOD just the same.

louis rams



daddy ! why am i so different


( special needs )

The father watched his daughter looking out the window

Feeling so glum , when she turned and asked him :

Daddy ! Why am I so different ?

Why can’t I jump and run and have some fun ?

I know I can’t run as fast or jump as high

But I’m willing to give it a try !

Her father looked at her and thought about what he was going to say

You see when God made mankind , everyone gave him thanks and praise

To God , but as time went by people started changing and giving

Less thanks and praise

So God decided that he would make special children who could remind

The world of what they are missing.

These special children saw more dreams than most other children.

A child would dream about riding a big white horse

While the special children could see a big white horse with wings

To take them any where in the world

Other kids dreamed about being kings and queens in far away lands

While special kids saw themselves as kings and queens

Helping others to follow their dreams.

Now the world has opened up their eyes and created “ special Olympics “

He called these children “ visionaries with special needs.

Yes my daughter ! You are different in so many ways

But the world needs you so they don’t go astray.

You see things that others will not , because you have a special gift

That others have not !

GOD gave me the four things I need in this life

Faith , hope , love , and YOU !

© L . RAMS 041816


what is a daughter


What is a daughter to me ?

I’ll tell you in one word “ LIFE “

Without someone’s daughter there

Would be no man !

!Why is it so difficult to understand !

It wouldn’t matter if they are straight or gay

God made us different in so many ways

She can cook , clean, take care of a house

Of that we have no doubt.

She becomes your soul mate , a wife , a lover and

Like her there is no other.

Then she gets pregnant and brings, new life

Into this world – and it matters not if it’s a boy or girl.

A mothers love will become endless , and there are

Np boundaries to the extent that they will go ,to protect them

this I know !

She is life in every form and not one to be scorned

They can be the Moodiest creatures on this earth

Especially after giving birth.

No matter who s daughter she may be

Her love is shown naturally.

© L . RAMS 041016


mother s baby boy

You outgrew the stages of childhood dolls and toys
And been blessed with a beautiful boy
For nine months you felt him kick and turn
This was the stage that you both had to learn.
From here on your motherly instincts will rise
And with your wisdom he’ll turn out fine.
He will have his ups and downs, but his answers will be found.
A woman’s pains he must learn to understand
And yet grow up to be a man.
From you he’ll learn the rights and wrongs
And become big and strong.
As a mother you want “your son”
To respect each and every one.
Teach him that abuse of any kind
“Will not be accepted”
And in his heart it must be rejected.
Love him as the mother that you are
And in this world he will go far.
© L. RAMS 031515