the housewife

If you do a little housework every day
Then on the weekend you’ll have time to play
A housewife s work is never done
Working from morning to setting sun.

Sweeping, dusting and mopping, always moving
And never stopping.
Washing clothes and ironing too
So many things that you must do.

Then the cooking and doing the dishes
Picking up in back of the kids and feeding the fishes.
Then trying to look pretty for when your husband gets home
So at your tired appearance he won’t throw stones.

Then when your day is through, a CALGON bath is what you do.
(Calgon take me away)
Just lying in the tub to unwind, and in another hour you’ll be fine.
The comfort of your bed is looking so good
And you’re wondering if you should.
Then your husband has that gleam in his eye
And you’re hoping that he doesn’t try.

Then the comment was all it took, of how good you always look.
Then he holds you in his arms and releases all his charms
And makes all your aches and pains go away
And this ends the housewife s day.
© L. RAMS 032515



so many times in life we get so involved in our daily trials and tribulations that we tend to forget the people around us who are part of our lives.
I am guilty of that as i’m sure that there are so many more like me.
when was the last time that you actually stopped to smell a flower,
or greeted someone without knowing them and they looked at you as if you were crazy , but then turned and smiled as they saw you smile.
I recall something that had became more dear to me than anything
that I can recall , and that was when one of my brothers called me on the phone and tells me : I just called to tell you I love you !
then he hung up before I could even respond.
that will always stay in my heart and my memory, and when my older brother was speaking to me on the phone and told me : I am so proud of you and the way that you can write your poetry without hesitation.
I am sure that we all have a memory of something that you experienced, or saw or even felt that has stuck in your mind. ( smell the flower! )
it could be your wedding day or a birth of your child or a song
from a date that was playing on the radio.
you know as well as I do that not everything in your life has been 100% bad , because there had to be good times as well.
if you was around in the 50’s like me when rock and roll was just starting and jazz was becoming the new rock and roll with singers such as ELVIS PRESLEY who was the king of rock, and all the old groups who were on AMERICAN BANDSTAND and everyone dancing to the new tunes.
when gas was about 30 cents a gallon and cigarettes was a quarter.
everyone has an Era that they recall of the good and bad times.
others may recall the 50’s the 60’s the 70’s , but we all had our own Era. the point that I am trying to bring across is that we can not live in the past , but it is parts of our lives that will not leave us and it can not be changed. JUST STOP ! look at the things that GOD has given us and be grateful that you have memories , friends , and family with who you can share these with.
and if all else seems to fail to bring a smile to your face then
I want you to think of just one thought : I LOVE YOU !
be blessed !