lost in a dream

what does it mean ? when i find myself” confused and lost” in a dream
is it the way my life is meant to be? i guess it’ll just be a mystery !
all my life i managed the food line, something i thought i left behind.
working there i had a purpose – a goal , never thought about getting old.
each employee had a job to do ,and i’d make sure they followed thru.
life seemed so much simpler then , and the employees were all my friends
we’d go out and share a drink or two and talk about dreams we’d like to do.
yet i still have these dreams of being lost and confused , and of walking
alongside the shores , searching for something i never saw before.
it leaves an emptiness in my heart , not knowing if it’s ending or a new start.
it becomes a question with no answer to be found , yet you search and look around trying to see something out of place, giving you a clue as to what to face.
you always find yourself in the middle of that ” crossroad ”
not knowing which way to go and whichever way you go leads you
to one crossroad after another to a point where there is no beginning
and no end and you scream out to find a friend.
( confused and lost once again )
my sub conscious tells me it’s just a dream, and i will awaken
to find myself in my room – no more confusement and no more gloom
then the recurring dream of me in a supermarket basement
with the conveyor belt full of merchandise and i don’t know
if i should push the button to go ” up or down ” and i look
for help and there’s no one around.
( confused and lost once again )
that’s when i realize there is only one thing that i can do
” give it to my father up above who is always there to show his love.
” dear GOD there is nothing more that i can do ” confused and lost ”
i turn to you to do whatever it is that you must
because in you i put my trust”
no more dreams and i’m on track , because my LORD has my back.
(C) L . RAMS 070515