if there was a visitors door to heaven

If there was a visitors door to heaven

If there was a visitors door to heaven, I’d be there every day
Just to see you smile as you run around and play.
If there was a visitors door to heaven – your mother
Would be first in line, then your dad and all your
Family members in line.

If there was a visitors door to heaven, our love would pour inside
As you spread your wings to see the never ending line.
If there was a bench in heaven where I could sit and pass the time away
Then that’s where you’d find me as you fulfill my heart each day.
We are here on earth, and you Aare high above watching over the people
That gave you all their love.

The visitors door is there, we see it in our sleep
We know you are safe and happy in in the arms of GODS keep.
© L. RAMS 032518
louis rams :


Parklands 17 Angels

Seventeen angels all in a row looking at earth down below
Seventeen angels who didn’t stand a chance
Against a gunman’s steady advance.
their lives taken in their prime , and not knowing the reason Why .
Seeing the pains of their family and friends and praying
For change that will make this end.
Columbine . Sandy Hook, Las Vegas ,and now Parkland
We as citizens have to take a stand.
Raising the age limit may slow it down , but automatic
Weapons can still be found.
Automatic weapons should be banned
With single shot guns and rifles we hunted and defended this land.
How many more lives must be taken ?
Before the politicians are awakened.
© L . RAMS 030118

saint peter at the gate

Saint Peter was at the gate to welcome me in
As an angelic choir sang a glorious hymn
There was so many different shades of green that
On earth had never been seen
Shades of blues , whites and reds , to dazzle
Your eyes and your head.

I walked around in complete awe. And meeting
family members I had never seen before
They knew everything about me from my birth
The good , the bad , and all it s worth.
Every one of our lives was put on a screen
So our lives could be seen.

As I looked behind me , I could see all the
Members of our family tree
It was like looking at a television with channels
And volumes – and I was the remote with the power
To look at each one and what they had gone through
In their life , before they came to GODS paradise.

Then came Saint Peters voice like a gentle wind
Welcoming all the new comers in.
“ welcome my brothers and sisters to Paradise
You are all here because you led a decent life “
All of heaven is covered in white for JESUS purity
And sacrifice .

All of GODS creations are here for you to see.
You can swim with the dolphins or play with a deer
For all the animals from earth are all right here.
Every creature is as gentle as can be , and are
Waiting for your company

the losing of a child

I will always see the smile upon his / her face
And hear the laughter when I make a silly face
And feel the warmth of that tender embrace.
It is easy for people to say that “ we must let go “
But what’s in my heart they could never know.

For nine months I carried this child and felt it slowly grow
And move and kick , more than anyone could ever know.
Then the day came that he / she wanted to be free
And see the world and look at me.

To a mother it does not matter if you had it for an hour
A day , or a lifetime – because in your heart death has no time.
Let me grieve as all mothers will
Because in my heart I will love him / her still.

There are so many plans and visions in your mind
And it was taken from you before their time.
But GOD had a different plan for this child
So he / she stayed for only a little while.

As a baby they are with other Cherubs
Dancing and frolicking to the grooves.
And as an elder child they was needed as an angel up above
To watch over others with their tender love.

YES ! GOD does not ask “ not to grieve “
Or to forget the time spent , but you had a child
Which was heaven sent.

That child will be with you even if you’re young or old
For he / she will greet you at heavens gates
Because love never comes too late.

another soul

this is written in honor of my sister in law who I always called my second wife

she died this morning at 5:30 a.m. 6/24/16          IRIS  -RIP


Another soul has joined the angels up above

Someone we cherished , treasured and loved

Family members came down from the heavens

And gathered around her bed , but they did not

Gather around , because she was dead.

But because they was taking her to another world

Far beyond compare , and with her family

Their love she would share.

We will feel the hurt and the absence now that she is gone

But in our hearts her love will linger on.

The same way she took care of our spiritual needs

While here on this earth , she will continue to do so

Seeing us through our worth.

We will always see something to remind us that she’s around

Or hear a whisper , or a familiar sound.

For five years she held her own , to show us

That she was strong .

now we must do the same

And gain our strength in her name.

© L . RAMS JUNE 2016


last tear in life


Something I did not know , one last tear will always show

When they are on their dying bed , on that pillow

Where they rest their head -you will see the last earthly tear shed.

This is the tear of good bye as they go to the other side

This tear is for a world that has fallen out of grace

And the hardships that they must face.

The tear is also for the ones that are left behind

As they all join and cry.

The Hospice nurses see it all – as the last tear starts to fall.

Wish them a safe journey as they leave

Because there will be enough time for you to grieve.

Gather together all the good times that had passed

And the laughter and joys that will forever last.

There will always be a memory that will stay in our mind

And we’ll treasure it for all time.

The last tear in their life that you will see

Will be embedded in your memory.

© L , RAMS 062216


reunion in heaven

Heavens gates were opened wide as they waited for them to arrive
The wings were waiting fluffed up and ready as the line
Moved quick and steady.
When at the gate they did reach and waited for that heavenly speech
SAINT PETER there in all his glory telling everyone CHRIST S story/
That they are there because of him and their wings they did win.

Departed souls as far as the eyes could see all happy as can be.
Inside the gates was family – waiting for relatives patiently.
The greeting process is hard to describe as their lights blind your eyes.
It looks like millions of fireflies lighting up the entire sky
They say all the souls lit up – creating the brightness of the sun
And the color of the moon are the souls which will enter soon.
There‘s a reunion going on in the heavens above
Where friends and family are showing their love.

,No more tears , no more pains , mo more bigotry, cause we‘re all the same
All the heaven will rejoice when they hear the LORD S voice
So there is no need to shed a tear , for we are all under GODS care..
© L . RAMS 100515

even after death

I know you’re up there looking down
Turning my life around.
I could almost see the smile on your face
As I move things from place to place.
You always said that there would come a time for change
And my life I would rearrange.
Well the time is now here and I’m doing the best that I can
But once in a while I may need a helping hand.
So come to me in my dreams at night and tell me
Everything will be alright.
That all my changes will fall in place and now I’ll be
With a smile on my face.

You have always been my inspiration , moving ahead without hesitation.
Once you set a goal in your mind there was nothing that
Could stop the hands of time.
I know GOD had different plans – where he could use your loving hands.
You had the Midas touch where every life you touched would turn
To gold , as their new life would unfold .
Although you have gone from my side – you have left your love behind.
© L . RAMS100215

the devils lair

All you could see was the blood trickle down the devils sickle
As he laughs away at his new deaths today.
He knows there are many who will go astray
And with evil they love to play.

These are the ones who will lose their souls
Because in life they had no control.
Had they listened and looked around
GODS kingdom they would have found.

In the meantime the devil sits in his lair
Cause he knows he’ll get his share.
Some sins may look to be fun , but you’re under the devils gun.

He makes the world so enticing to where you want to explore
Never thinking that you’re opening up his door.
Although he may be a worthy opponent
GOD he could never defeat and will always be underneath GODS feet.
© L . RAMS 090215