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for my brothers

I lost both my brothers in December
On two holidays that I’ll always remember
On December 7th when they bombed Pearl Harbor
And on Christmas eve- and for them I still grieve.
They died one year apart and their loss is in my heart.

Every person leaves a memory with you – a smile , a laughter
A piece of clothing , a smell or even a joke or two
But that memory was made just for you.
I was truly blessed to have two brothers who were opposite
In so many ways , but they both left me something that
I’ll cherish every day.

Bill could act and sing , and Vinny had a musical ear for everything.
Each one left me words that will always be in my mind
When my older brother Bill told me “ I am so very proud of you “
And when Vinny called me up and said : “ I just called to tell
You I love you “ and then hung up.

There are memories that give us the greatest pleasures
And they are the memories that we must treasure.
Like I had written in my song called “ till the end of my days”
‘’ Death is just another door and I’ll open it to be with you once more “

I believe family and friends will meet once more
As we walk thru heavens doors.

If you haven’t heard my songs which is on you tube -itunes –
And many, many more
Click you tube and put in “ louis rams songs vol 1 “ and you will see all three songs.