do it for love


Do it for love I was told , not for diamonds
Emeralds or gold.
I’d gladly give up all my fortune and fame
Just to be with her once again.
There is no value that you can put on love
It is given from the heavens above.
She had loved me with all her heart
And I just took it and tore it apart.
I thought only of wealth for an easier life
And in the process I lost my wife.
She did not want a big house on a well known street
Or fancy foods for her to eat.
Being together would have been fine
Yet I never found the time.
She told me to slow down and enjoy life
It comes around once not twice.
You can not take money with you when you die
But good memories will do just fine.
Take the time to say “ I love you “ every day
Cause “ time just passes away “.
Stop and enjoy nature and all its beauty that we have been given
To make this life really worth living.
Remember the smiles , the laughter , the times you shared
When you threw your problems all up in the air.
© L . RAMS 090418


i forgot to tell you ” i love you “



I forgot to tell you “I love you “ and you died in an accident today
And this pain in my heart will never go away.
Everything is taken for granted in our daily lives , that we tend
To ignore the beauties of our wives.
You are my soul mate . My shining star at night and thru the
Bitter arguments and the fussing and the fights.
You are the one who completes me and made me what I am today
And now you are gone and to you I do pray.
In my sleep I reach across the bed searching for your hand
But it’s no longer there and hard to understand.
Why didn’t I tell you “I love you “ on that day
And this pain will stay forever and will never go away.

If you have a loved one “ then tell them every day just how
Much you love them “ before time slips away .
© L . RAMS 022418

stories of hope series # 15 – the runaway

Stories of hope series #15 – the runaway

She had run away from home and wandered the streets all alone
Fourteen years old with no place to go , while predators
And pimps would put on their show.
Offers of warmth and food to eat to help her get off the streets.
Promises and enticements being made , just so that
They could get laid.
They don’t care the age or what they have gone thru
It’s a money making machine built for two.
They know that runaways are easy prey so at train
And bus stations they do stay.
Now this runaway was as smart as a whip and at fourteen
Butts she could kick.
She had heard tales of other runaways , and in her mind they did stay.
She came to New York with one purpose in mind
To find her brother in the shortest of time.
Taken by the step father after the divorce and in the
Big city they could get lost.
Authorities searched for him to no avail , while
He avoided capture and avoided jail.
But she knew a lot about him more than anyone knew.
He loved to sing and play the guitar , so her search
Would be clubs and bars.
With a picture of both of them in her hand
Searching Manhattan was her plan.
Day and night she would search , forgetting about hunger and thirst.
Then after a week of hunger and pain , she spotted them getting off of a train.
Walking far behind them so not to be seen , she was close to
Fulfilling her dream.
Now that she knew where they was staying , she informed the police
Who would be waiting.
When he came out they arrested him on sight as her brother
Cried with delight .
When the police asked her how did she survive
She said : GOD was by her side , As she began to cry.

Faith , Hope , and Love is the key !

my search is over

I have searched my world over for a person such as you
To make me feel the way that you do .
I was like a honey bee filling up its hive , and taking
Nectars from each flower so that I could thrive.
I got tired of looking for love in all the wrong places
And seeing the same old familiar faces’
They can’t see that you’d like to settle down
And have your own kids running around.
Well look no further and have some faith
This is where you’ve met your mate.
Just tell me you love me , tell me you care
Tell me you need me and I’ll be there.
I have loved you for oh so long , and with you
Is where I belong.
There is not a river , nor an ocean or a mountain
That I would not swim or climb , just to know
That you are mine.
I need you like the earth needs the rain
You’re the only one that can take away this pain.
Now you know that I can no longer hide , this hunger
That I have locked up inside.

© L . RAMS 080517

fire in the sky

there is a fire in the sky which is orange and white and the blue to create this site.
just like the fires that burn on the ground
but without the dangers , without the sounds.

this fire was created by a hand from above,
given to us with tenderness and love.
this beauty so rich, so rare that with us
he had to share.
as I walk and look around at all the beauties that I’ve found, like the mountains, the rivers valleys and streams and the trees and grass so green
animals and creature of every kind and the birds that are flying high.
the beauty of a rainbow after the rain, and no two colors ever the same.

yes ! there is a fire in the sky
and it was made for you and I.
(C) L. RAMS 070917

never give up

We cannot choose what life gives us , but we can
Choose how to live our lives.
We can choose spiritual or material.
Choosing material we have to cheat , lie , and connive
To achieve our goals,
Choosing spiritual we leave everything in the hands of GOD
But we tend to forget that GOD said : “help yourself
And I will help you “
So why not get the best of both worlds and set your goals in life
And strive to achieve them with the help of the LORD.
Tell him your goal for the day and ask him to help you attain it.
“ NEVER GIVE UP “ on yourself and definitely never
Give up on GOD.
Everything comes in his time , not ours.
Success is a slow painful learning experience , so you can know
What to do when a particular situation arises.
We can achieve the material things without having to cheat ,
Lie and connive and hurting people along the way so you
Can have some better days.
We have to be thankful for the basic things in life , such as Health
Which is the most important of all , because we then get bitter and angry
With everything .as long as we have a roof over our heads , clothes on our backs
And food to eat and water to drink .
We’ll be fine , it just takes a little time.
Just remember “ NEVER GIVE UP “ and maybe share our good fortune with others.
© L . RAMS 062817

soulmate search

You hear people talking about their special soul mate
So you begin your search cause you just can’t wait.
Someone with which you can share your life
Whether it’s a husband or wife.
Someone who will be with you thru the good times
And the bad , thru the happy times and the sad.
Someone who will sit and talk a while
Who will understand you and give you a smile.
Who will give you constructive criticism when you are wrong
And show you how “ to become strong “.
Someone with that “ positive energy flow “
Who will pick you up when you’re feeling low.
There are enough critics out there who try to compare
Because they don’t have what you two share.
This is what soul mate searching is about
And when it’s there you’ll find it out.
© L. RAMS 061017

he fills me up

My heart is warmer and my soul is on fire
My spiritual life is climbing much higher
I found myself after searching for so long
It’s always been where it belonged.

The cross I carry around my neck has filled
Me with the greatest love yet.
I hold it in my hand and I kiss it all day
And to him I do pray.

My prayers are answered every time that I speak
And only him do I seek.
No longer do I have an emptiness where all
My fears I did hide, just an exhilarating feeling deep inside.
Like an empty bottle that is filled with wine
He fills my spirit with a love divine.

Call his name when you are in despair, and your problems
With him you share.
You’ll feel a calmness in your mind, and the relief
Which is hard to find.
Put it in his hands and believe with all your heart
And he will tear the problems apart.
© L. RAMS 010317

safe in his hands

It is only natural for you to cry when someone
Passes to the other side.
Thoughts will come into your mind of memories they left behind.
We are here for a short spell and in others hearts we will dwell.
Like a puff of smoke we will pass , for we have done
What GOD had asked.
We taught and showed you the strength of GOD
And put him into your safe heart.
He is the strength of faith , hope , and love
And no matter what disasters hit our land
He has us safe in his hands.
© L . RAMS 03142017

true love everlasting

For man to sit under a flowered tree and to feel the winds
Cool and gentle breeze and to feel his woman s hands
Upon his chest , to feel her warmth and sweet caress.
To be able to think of all the things that were
All the things that are, and all the things to be
And to know that woman cares for me.
To see her smile and to feel her gaze and to see
Her hair in a misty haze.
To feel her tremble to your gentle touch
To know she wants you just as much.
To see her trust within her eyes and to feel
Your hearts both entwine.
To know that this can only be a “ true love everlasting “
© L . RAMS 020117