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i am a poet and a entrepreneur with a home based business who loves to help others .
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another homeless man


On the corner another homeless man looking for a helping hand

No one knows what I’ve gone thru , if it happened to me

It can happen to you.

I felt invincible and nothing can put me down

Now I find myself sleeping on the ground.

The sky is my roof and the ground is my bed

A pile of leaves to rest my head.

My clothes are torn and dirty as well as my feet

My stomach growling , hoping for something to eat.

I’ve forgotten what it is to be loved and have a family

And that’s the way my life used to be.

Not all the homeless are alcoholics as you may think

We are not all looking for a drink.

When you put down on a job application that you

Are living in a shelter , a red flag goes up – and

You’ll be having a drink in your coffee cup.

The only ones that will take a chance with you

Are the ones who know what you’re going through.

The ones that were given a chance to start a new life

Who now have a home and a wife.

Don’t judge us because of what you see

We once had a job, a family and possibly a degree.


© L , RAMS 052416


i took the vows

i work my fingers to the bone , but my wife won’t leave me alone

she is always looking for a fight, sometimes i think she just ain’t right.

i’m sure she loves me in some way, but i’m finding it so hard to stay

women say they wish they had a man with qualities like me

but this is something she just doesn’t see.

she’s been a housewife more years than i care to count

i thought this was what marriage was all about.

she has most things that women dream of , even has her spouse’s love.

but she nitty picks me to death and doesn’t even take time to catch her breath.

i make a list of things to do, and she won’t stop criticizing until i’m through.

is it that she is so insecure- that with me she’s not sure ?

why does negativity control her life – a little change would be nice.

i guess i’ll have to accept this life- because i took the vows when she became my wife.

(C) L .RAMS 050115

why people fear poetry

most people don’t read poetry because it’s hard to understand

they don’t know how to interpret what’s in their hand.

they have read century old poems with the ” THEE’S and THOU’S

but i’m going to change that NOW.

i am known as POETLOU and i’m going to show you just what i do.

my stories will blow your mind, they are written in verse and rhyme.

they are stories of love, passion , faith and hate and of sorrows and abuse.

pick any story and you will see, that you’ll get hooked on me.

let me take you on a journey where you’ve never been before

and i will open up every door.

yet the biggest door that you will see – is where your mind will be.

( food for thought )

if i was lying , i’d be flying , and my feet are still on the ground.

ha-ha enjoy the reads ! (C) L . RAMS 050115