my political beliefs

you have your political beliefs and i have mine
we could change it – it just takes time
many citizens could not take the change and
they looked for someone to blame.
many may not like to share or even believe in Obamacare
but at least he did what others failed to do
he made an attempt to help me and you.
insurance had gotten out of hand and it
was more than we could stand.
kickbacks to the politicians they give
so that the C.E.O. “s can continue
their lifestyles to live.
i’ve yet to see a politician who is honest and free
free of graft and hypocrisy , free to help
citizens like you and me.
but this has been going on since the beginning of time
and as citizens we accepted it just fine.
Trump does’nt know the laws or even politics
he’s just a buisness man who knows all the tricks.
i think America s forefathers would be ashamed
of what they would see , and how Trump
created this catastrophe.
many world leaders are in total dismay
how an American elect president
can think and act this way.


in search of peace within

Angels of God take my hand and show me the way
Put me in Gods path so I will not stray.
I felt his presence when I called out his name
I knew then my life would forever change.
I felt a tingling sensation and my hairs stood on end
He is my God , my Savior , my Friend.
He comes to me in my times of need , and on
His strength I do feed.
I looked to the skies and then to the ground
And gave thanks for the beauties I have found.
All my friends and family are near , and with them
Gods love we share
The path of hypocrisy is all around , just turn
And look around.
People have lost faith in their fellow man
And the politicians promises have gotten out of hand
They are in need of something in which to believe
But long before these politicians , God had planted his seeds.
Let us not let them govern our lives and give us the
crumbs from their plates , and try to break our spirits
And our faith.
The riches are not here on this earth , for we cannot
Take it with us when we die – the riches are in Gods
Heavens , where material things are not needed
And don’t exist .
Your search of peace within is in your grasp and
With GOD it will forever last.

( Do you have clothes on your back and have food to eat ?
Do you have a job and or your health and family or friends ?
Because if you do , then you are rich beyond a politicians
Expectations . You see we can learn to live in their world
But they will not survive in our world of struggles and strife once their wealth is gone.)

Regain your faith – it’s never too late !
© L . RAMS 012017