when respect is lost

When respect is lost in a relationship then so is love
Love is to be respected and respect is to be loved
They work together like two eyes two ears, two hands, and two feet
It is all part of oneself.
Once the belittling and the name calling come into play
And especially the profanity – then it’s time to sit and talk
Or “once again become free “.
This is verbal abuse and can lead to physical abuse. THEN WHAT?
Most parents will not do it to you, then why do it to someone else?
Respect is the preventive key to have you live in peace and harmony.
Remember! Respect should be given to everyone
Not just in a relationship!
Respect creates dignity and dignity creates respect.
It’s a tragic shame but no one person is to blame
It takes two to create a fight, but who is wrong and who is right?
There are so many different views – it depends on which we choose.
Both parties think they’re right, but neither can accept the light.
It is the light of freedom, the light of justice, the light of choice
To raise our voice.
I guess what I’m trying to say:” let’s not fight, let’s find a better way “
We may not agree on what the other thinks or says
But this is what’s in their head.
© L. RAMS 040715


don’t be defined – stay proud

Do not let growing up in the streets define you as a person?
You are older now and don’t need to talk the street talk and slangs.
Educate yourself to what you can be, not what you was.
I do not want to be defined as a street thug or a ghetto rat
But as a person who has learned to talk properly and has
Left the streets to the streets.
Because I do not have a college degree does not mean
That I am an illiterate; it just means that I did not pursue my education.
No one has to be defined as low class, trash, or ignorant.
Because you are born in the hills does not make you a hillbilly!
Or born in the swamplands does not make you a swamp rat!
Titles have always been given to every ethnic group, such as
The Hispanics was spicks, the Irish – miks , the Italians as wops
Or guinies and the blacks as niggers and so on down the line.
If you are one who likes to use titles on others, then there is
Only one title that you can use.
“HUMAN BEINGS” which classifies everyone.
I want you to stand proud, because you are a HUMAN BEING
Made by GOD, and he doesn’t make garbage.
Learn your own self-respect and others will respect you! DON’T BE DEFINED!