a fathers torment

A Fathers Torment
We hide in the shadows in obscurity
We are the fathers of the children that you see
Women are the life line, that we all know.
Since the beginning of conception and
Throughout our lives, we have to thank them
For becoming our mothers and our wives.
Men plant the seed, but on the woman’s
tube the children do feed.
Without the female there is no life
So as men we have to think twice.
At times though, we feel empty and forgotten
For all that we do in a child’s life.
When we play games with them, teach them
And give them moral support
It is something that is given, not something that is bought.
We will go back into the shadows when our hearts
Are about to burst, and this is what makes the pain so much worse.
They say that a man is not supposed to cry
But you and I know that’s an old fashioned lie.
We bleed, we cry, we feel heartache too
We are human, this is what we do.
Any man can be a father, but every man can not be a dad.
And I look upon that, and it makes me very sad.
This child has our blood and we helped to give it life
But there is no credit given to the husband, ” just the wife“.
We may be just the father, but we share in their lives too.
All we ask is recognition of the things that we do.
I recall at your birth, when I walked into the delivery room
Your eyes called me, like a mystical, magical tune.
Your eyes searched me out like a rooster for the rising sun
And looking in your eyes, I knew you was the one.
This is a fathers torment that I guess we all go through.
But without your love and dependence, what am I going to do.
I love you more than you’ll ever know
Look in my eyes, and there it will show.
And to your mother she must know:
The key number in this world is TWO, without me there is no you.
louis rams


womens flowing tears

( these are the thoughts of women when they thought
i could not hear them over the years. )
womens flowing tears
i want all the world to see all the feelings inside of me
feelings of love , disappointments and fears all of which create my tears
tears are our ” escape valves ” from the past and even now.
tears are like water faucets which can be controlled to release the pressure
built up inside- pressures which we try to hide.
tears that flow which only a woman may know.
we have a release valve unlike a man , and we can create
it at the drop of a hand.
we are women ” unique but not weak ” in many ways.
we can compete against the powers of man ,
something which they don’t understand.
they may see us like a fragile delicate flower as a rose
but we have thorns which can prick you at any time, if you cross the line.
men and nations have been destroyed for the love of a woman
the history books tell many stories of our ” infamous glories ”
so when you think you have the upper hand, it’s because you’ve been scamed. (C) L . RAMS 070615