can you picture JESUS

Can you picture the blood of JESUS lying on the ground
While laying on this cross being nailed and bound
The pain that was etched on his face
As he prayed for the lords grace.The nails being driven through his hands and feet
Knowing soon that god he would meet.
Yet he was forgiving his fellow man
For they could not understand.
That he was being sent by god above
To show his compassion and his love.As they picked up his cross and placed it in the ground
The screams of “ crucify him” simmered down.
Many fell to their knees and cried
While others were joyous and satisfied.Now picture JESUS looking down at the crowd
Searching for his mother and seeing her on her knees
And with god she did plea.
You could hear in her mind saying
“ let thy will be done, for you had blessed me with your son”.And as the skies turned completely black
And his face fell to his chest
The crowd felt the fear and the unrest.
The thoughts entering their minds
“ is this truly the son of god that we crucified? ”
And we believed the rabbi s and all their lies.

Now that you visualized this in your mind
As I had done so many times.
Now picture the face of JESUS looking
Down at you and saying

“ I forgive you”.

louis rams :

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speak up America


Maybe I’m old and feeble and do not understand

What is wrong with my fellow man

Do we not all have our needs

So why stop someone from eating

Because of your greed.

We throw away millions of pounds of food every day

While children are hungry as they pray

We are giving money and food and weapons to

Countries around the world while part of that

Can be used to feed every American boy and girl

Charity should begin at home

So let other countries throw their stones/

Once we take care of our needs then other

Countries we can feed.

We gave Bin Laden weapons and showed him how to use them

And he turned them on us – so who the hell can we trust.

The middle east has nothing that we need

Except to line a politicians greed.

As citizens seeing this – we do tire

So under their butts let’s light a fire.

© L . RAMS 051716


mother nature s child

Flowers open up their eyes to meet the rising sun
And close their eyes when the day is done
Roosters are greeting the morning sun
As they awaken most every one.
Skies are showing different shades of blue
Greens and whites are in there too.
Adults and children ready for the day
Some to work and some to play.
The grass a beautiful shade of green
As it reaches the sands and streams.
There are fruit trees reaching up to the skies
Of apples, avocadoes, lemons and limes.
We have so many plants coming from the ground
Vegetables , herbs and spices galore from
The deserts up to the shores.
She has given us plants for many sicknesses
Yet to be found and its all coming from the ground .
All mother nature asks is to respect her and her child
Mother Earth and she will give all her worth.
Love her as I love her , for she has given all that makes
life worth living.
© L , RAMS 040216

two thousand years later

I am over 2000 years old, and I am still honored today
People still call me as they kneel down to pray.
I have not changed in all that time
I can still cure the sick, the lame, the blind.
Faith can go a very long way, and I will listen when you pray.

When you think that the devils got a hold on you
I’ll be there, I know just what to do.
Everyone has a destiny that they must fulfill
It is in the masters book, it is GODS will.
Every life must touch another for us to be whole
It’s part of our destinies, and part of our goal.

We all have a cross that we must bear
But with my father I was able to share.
He gave me the strength that I needed most
I spread the words that he had given to me
And it has lasted thru this eternity.

I called out to my FATHER, before I took my last breath
And the skies above became black as can be
That was when I filled my destiny.
Thousands upon thousands have died in my name
Was their lives worth it, or was it in vain?
They was put here to spread the word
Words that on deaf ears were not heard.
For all did not believe that I died that day
But yet in my tomb, I did lay.

Now I leave this question to you: if I did not exist,
who would you turn to?

louis rams

the resurection

the resurection of JESUS has come into my life.
yet! what i see is different from what you might see.
he made the ultimate sacrifice for his GOD up above.

but while on this earth, he showed us his love.
look upon his face while on the cross
he was crying for humanity.

his arms outstretched to tell us the LORDS word
must be spread from one corner of the earth
to the other.
HIS feet nailed together to tell us
that we must unite as one.

the holes in his hands and feet
is the depth of his love for us.
HE showed us to believe in something
that we could not see.

that belief has come with our baptism.
and when i see CHRIST on the cross
my love deepens even more.

to see the sacrifice that he made for you and me
and through his love, he set us free.

as he was taken down from the cross
and put into the tomb.
GOD began to heal his wounds.

just as GOD took seven days to make the earth
he took three days to bring CHRIST back to us.
so we could see the love he has for you and me.

he showed the apostles and the people
who did’nt believe
that his son would live through eternity.

louis rams

stop the abuse

Abuse has gone on for so long- this is not where

Women and children belong.

They belong in an environment that’s safe and sound

And no abuse to be found , and not where they become

A battering ram from an abusers uncaring hand.

Abusers feel power when they’re in control , and will

Never leave the abused alone – because they think that it’s the norm

And they create their own abusive form.

Whether it’s verbal or physical it has to stop

So pick up the phone and call a cop.

Maybe in jail they’ll get the same treatment that they have given you

Just to know what you’ve gone through.

You was not brought into this world to be a punching bag

Or on the ground where they can stomp and clean their feet

And have them feel that it’s a treat.

Yet the worse may be sexual abuse by a relative who you had put your trust

to satisfy their wants and needs and on your innocence they did feed.

Once they see a family member will not fight , then with others

They think it’s all right.

If you don’t stop abuse dead in its tracks , then they’ll be no turning back.

(The one you save may be yourself or someone else )

© L . RAMS 102615

food for thought #2

i was blessed with the grace of GOD when he came into my heart

my life had turned around when i heard that spiritual sound

i have no more struggles and sweat, and now – life seems better yet.

help yourself and i will help you * that verse is so true

love GOD and then yourself , for in this world there is nothing else.

with all the words he had spoken , none of his promises have been broken.

prophets had told of his coming centuries before of the earthly disasters and the wars.

so many prophecies have come to pass and leads me to wonder.

how long will this earth last ? will mankind destroy what he has given ?

there is so much to make this life worth living.

another thought enters my mind .

women have less war like tendencies then men

and what they do is argue , scream , cuss , and talk about one another

we don’t see armies of women fighting other armies of women

they just scream and connive to get even with one another.

this is not to say that women are weak , on the contrary

they are very strong and will not turn it into a political issue.

( it is said : the meek shall inherit the earth —– take it for what its worth

more food for thoughts my friends – when will these thoughts ever end    ha – ha