Christmas war and peace

i was looking through some christmas ornaments that were
old , faded and gray . some still looked decent but others
had to be thrown away
each one was a memory of years gone by of when family and friends rejoiced as one and looked up and praised GOD
up on the sky
just like the ornaments that were being thrown away
many had left us in search of other ways.
we all look forward to christmas when spirits and joys start to fly and see the happiness in everybodys eyes.
children awakening and screaming ” it’s Christmas day”
we’ll now have different toys for all of us to play.
just watching their faces as they tear the packages apart
and the anticipation dancing in their heart.
for this one day in life there is joy around the world
and at times battles will stop for all the boys and girls.
any adults will  stop showing the children the hathreds in their hearts , but give them school books , crayons , puzzles and such – anything that will not cost too much.
let them have a childhood , for death , destruction and war will always be around.
so let them enjoy temselves and let’s not put them down’
they pick up rifles and bombs because the elders tell them so
and if that’s the case – why don’t the elderd go ?
(C) L.RAMS 081516


freedom is worth fighting for

We spilled our blood in foreign lands to get them to understand
That we had our own civil war cause freedom is worth fighting for
We do not want to be the guardians of the world and tell others what to do
But the rights of man is also up to you.
The American soldiers wear their uniforms proud and we don’t
Hide in civilian clothes in a crowd
putting bombs every where , taking innocent lives and trying
To create fear.
In every war since the beginning of time because of the uniform
The enemy was defined.
Do you wear civilian clothing because you are ashamed
then your leaders are the ones to blame
Do you think anyone will remember the names of the suicide bombers
From the truth nothing can be farther.
Search the libraries , go ahead just look
This is the reason freedom is worth fighting for
So tyranny can march out the door.
© L . RAMS 012216

soldier on the beach

wrote this through the eyes of this photographer and journalist


he laid on the gaza beach, the m-16 within his reach
at a young age he was taught , that the palestinians had always fought
fighting for freedom and the land, was something that he could understand
but this was a day of relaxation, away from the war and the devastation.
the waves rolling in to the shore – peace and quiet at last once more.
will there ever be peace on the gaza strip ?
or will i forever have a gun on my hip !
centuries have gone by and still the battle rages
no one is willing to adjust to changes.
so many countries have been divided in two
civil war was all they knew.
there is never peace ! always unrest
is GOD putting us to a test ?
when will these murders end?
that we could become neighbors and friends.
there are three things that rule this world
politics , religion , and greed.
why is it that people don’t read!
whether it be the bible , the koran ,or any other religious book
we must stop and take a look !
no where does it say to destroy one another
when we are all sister and brother.
this soldier is now relaxing on the beach
this is something that our children we should teac