youth of today

The world is moving way too fast , kids don’t
Have time to wipe their ass .
Parents working hard to make a living
And children want them to keep on giving.
Kids no longer play in the street – cause
That’s too much of a feat.
Automation and robotics is the technology of today
And the young just want to stay home and play.
Ordering online is just “ so fast “ that the
Shopping malls will be a thing of the past.
No more hanging out and meeting friends
All of that will soon end.
Will they have a life that they can call their own
And memories that will last “or “ will that
Be put into the past.
Your guess is as good as mine and we’ll find that out given time.
© L . RAMS 062617


this old fox

my heart is a temple holding all the secrets of this sinner
where there is only one winner.
i’m a sinner who has won at every turn, and so many lessons to be learned
how does an old fox change his ways, when there is so many plays.
so many sheep for the slaughter, and the field is getting broader.
oh ! i love the sheep so young and fair, who strut around without a care.
always thinking ” it can’t happen to me “but this old fox they do not see.
i get them while they’re in their prime- they try to think but don’t have time
this old foxx is about to leave its lair- so you young sheep ‘ YOU BEST BEWARE ”
(c) L . RAMS 070715