my search is over

I have searched my world over for a person such as you
To make me feel the way that you do .
I was like a honey bee filling up its hive , and taking
Nectars from each flower so that I could thrive.
I got tired of looking for love in all the wrong places
And seeing the same old familiar faces’
They can’t see that you’d like to settle down
And have your own kids running around.
Well look no further and have some faith
This is where you’ve met your mate.
Just tell me you love me , tell me you care
Tell me you need me and I’ll be there.
I have loved you for oh so long , and with you
Is where I belong.
There is not a river , nor an ocean or a mountain
That I would not swim or climb , just to know
That you are mine.
I need you like the earth needs the rain
You’re the only one that can take away this pain.
Now you know that I can no longer hide , this hunger
That I have locked up inside.

© L . RAMS 080517


power of prayer

With the power of prayer you can not compare
For our Lord is always there .
He listens to every word we say as he looks
Over us from day to day .
He knows our wants and sees our needs
And on that we do feed.
He fills up his heaven with angels from below
And the ones he will choose you do know .
A mother , a father , a sister a brother
For like them there are no others.
Every one of us are grains of sand to complete
The beaches on this land .
Each touching each other and creating a world of hope
So that our children can learn to cope.
This is the Power Of Prayer and he always takes us there.
© L . RAMS 072917 ( poetlou )

remembering the sixties

We all have a lifetime of memories , some bad , some good
Some we’d change if we could.
Like the passing of a loved one that left us behind
Yet we still see their face in our mind.
A joke , a laughter , a smile or two
These are things that we once knew.
Going to a party or a community dance and wearing
Those Bell Bottom pants.
We are now called Baby Boomers from the sixties
Who got high on Acid , Pot and Whiskey.
You could find pot everywhere , and people were willing to share.
Then came the biggest event of that time “ WOODSTOCK “
Where everyone got blind.
There was flower power and protesters against the Vietnam war
And many draftees ran to the Canadian shores.
I was still in the Army in 63 and to Birmingham Alabama
Is where they would send me .
The desegregation had just begun and the Alabama governor was on the run.
Twice he tried and twice he failed and had his head between his tail.
This was the time that the sixties went into the history books
And all the lives that it took.
In August of 62 Marilyn Monroe died
In November of 63 it was JFK who w0as assassinated
In April of 68 it was Martin Luther King assassinated
In June of 68 it was Robert F . Kennedy assassinated
Then came Woodstock art and music festival 8/15-8/19/69
I recall in the villages of lower Manhattan when coffee shops
Were filled with beatnik poets with their beards and long hair
And their music and poetry they was willing to share.
Times were so much different then . where you would meet
Someone and they would become your friend.
Now I leave this thought to you “ remembering the sixties “
Is a dream come true.
© L . RAMS 071817

fire in the sky

there is a fire in the sky which is orange and white and the blue to create this site.
just like the fires that burn on the ground
but without the dangers , without the sounds.

this fire was created by a hand from above,
given to us with tenderness and love.
this beauty so rich, so rare that with us
he had to share.
as I walk and look around at all the beauties that I’ve found, like the mountains, the rivers valleys and streams and the trees and grass so green
animals and creature of every kind and the birds that are flying high.
the beauty of a rainbow after the rain, and no two colors ever the same.

yes ! there is a fire in the sky
and it was made for you and I.
(C) L. RAMS 070917


DO NOT JOIN MY TEAM – if you love working for low wages

DO NOT JOIN MY TEAM – if you love not giving yourself

and your family a better life.

DO NOT JOIN MY TEAM – if you love having a boss to tell you what to do.

DO NOT JOIN MY TEAM – if you love punching a clock

DO NOT JOIN MY TEAM – if you have a negative attitude.

I do not want nor need that on my team, but if you truly want to change your life = “It begins with you ”

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never give up

We cannot choose what life gives us , but we can
Choose how to live our lives.
We can choose spiritual or material.
Choosing material we have to cheat , lie , and connive
To achieve our goals,
Choosing spiritual we leave everything in the hands of GOD
But we tend to forget that GOD said : “help yourself
And I will help you “
So why not get the best of both worlds and set your goals in life
And strive to achieve them with the help of the LORD.
Tell him your goal for the day and ask him to help you attain it.
“ NEVER GIVE UP “ on yourself and definitely never
Give up on GOD.
Everything comes in his time , not ours.
Success is a slow painful learning experience , so you can know
What to do when a particular situation arises.
We can achieve the material things without having to cheat ,
Lie and connive and hurting people along the way so you
Can have some better days.
We have to be thankful for the basic things in life , such as Health
Which is the most important of all , because we then get bitter and angry
With everything .as long as we have a roof over our heads , clothes on our backs
And food to eat and water to drink .
We’ll be fine , it just takes a little time.
Just remember “ NEVER GIVE UP “ and maybe share our good fortune with others.
© L . RAMS 062817

youth of today

The world is moving way too fast , kids don’t
Have time to wipe their ass .
Parents working hard to make a living
And children want them to keep on giving.
Kids no longer play in the street – cause
That’s too much of a feat.
Automation and robotics is the technology of today
And the young just want to stay home and play.
Ordering online is just “ so fast “ that the
Shopping malls will be a thing of the past.
No more hanging out and meeting friends
All of that will soon end.
Will they have a life that they can call their own
And memories that will last “or “ will that
Be put into the past.
Your guess is as good as mine and we’ll find that out given time.
© L . RAMS 062617

sound of the whip-poor-will

I heard the sound of the whip-poor-will
While sitting upon my window sill
Singing on this summer night , yet hidden out of sight.
The grey / brown colors hide them well
In the forest where they dwell.
Out of my cabin window I looked around
But it was no where to be found.
From dusk to dawn they give us a treat with their sounds “ oh so sweet “
The voice of a whip-poor – will must be heard
The most beautiful sound from a bird.
© L . RAMS 062617