never give up

We cannot choose what life gives us , but we can
Choose how to live our lives.
We can choose spiritual or material.
Choosing material we have to cheat , lie , and connive
To achieve our goals,
Choosing spiritual we leave everything in the hands of GOD
But we tend to forget that GOD said : “help yourself
And I will help you “
So why not get the best of both worlds and set your goals in life
And strive to achieve them with the help of the LORD.
Tell him your goal for the day and ask him to help you attain it.
“ NEVER GIVE UP “ on yourself and definitely never
Give up on GOD.
Everything comes in his time , not ours.
Success is a slow painful learning experience , so you can know
What to do when a particular situation arises.
We can achieve the material things without having to cheat ,
Lie and connive and hurting people along the way so you
Can have some better days.
We have to be thankful for the basic things in life , such as Health
Which is the most important of all , because we then get bitter and angry
With everything .as long as we have a roof over our heads , clothes on our backs
And food to eat and water to drink .
We’ll be fine , it just takes a little time.
Just remember “ NEVER GIVE UP “ and maybe share our good fortune with others.
© L . RAMS 062817

the search

I did some soul searching the other day

And I asked GOD to come my way.
I asked him to harden my heart
Because these emotions were tearing me apart.

Every time I see or read about a child abused
I want to jump on them, but it’s of no use.
It seems that at times the law is on their side
And it just makes me want to cry.

So many injustices that I see, but no one
There to help, except maybe you and me.
If we could find a way to save all
these little angels that GOD has given
And to make life worth living.

To give hope to the children of the world
Is something that many of us struggle to see
But we know “ that will never be”.

So if we could save just a few
of these boys and girls
It may be the start of a brand new world.

If we could make a global holiday
Called “save a child today”.
Which is just a thought until
There’s a better way.
If each county and town in every country
could adopt one child
Then there lives would be worth while.

But I guess it’s not really that I want
My heart hardened
but just a solution
To a crisis that this world refuses to see

louis rams

give me their strength

every day i pray to GOD to heal this affliction that i have
and i know there are so many people in much , much worse
condition than i .
but like most every day i get up and try-
( help yourself and i will help you )
and i know that much is true.
help me GOD as i struggle in this life , to try to be
a good man , a father , and a husband to my wife.
by thinking and writing i ease my pain
and since i’ve been doing this , my life has never
been the same.
i cannot help others if i cannot help myself
and on my problems i cannot dwell.
i’ve seen and read stories of people who have overcome
some with lost legs and have now begun to run.
hundreds of thousands of stories of people
who have been blessed , after being put through
a long and rigerous test.
GOD clear and strenghten my mind so that i can do the same
and write your poetry and praise and sing your name.
i may not have a physical disability the same as them
but i have so many words to write which never seem to end.
the stories are the stories that i write about who can
continue to get up and shout
” my GOD is my spirit and i will overcome
there are so many things that i’ve yet to be done.”
and with strength in their bones and love in their hearts
they finish what they did start.
(C) L .RAMS 081516

troubled world

we are living in a troubled world where compassion has faded away

And more greed has come into play.

We know greed has been around since the beginning of time

And everyone wants to taste the grapes of a good wine.

We have to climb on others backs to get out of the hole

But once we‘re out let’s take control.

We would all like to live a comfortable life , but only a small percentage will.

So we must tighten up our belts and pull the slack

From this point on there’s no turning back.

If you have your five senses then you are fine

The sixth sense will take some time

The seventh sense is compassion , hope , faith and love

This is stronger than all above.

We are judged not by what we have , but what we do

It all depends upon you.

© L . RAMS 051716


adding hope to all who need it

when friends and family have turned their backs
and against you the cards seem stacked
look to GOD up above for his guidance and his love
for he will do for you what he has done for me
and set your mind and heart free.
just say : GOD there is only so much that i can do
so i turn this problem over to you.

dream catcher

I put the dream catcher at the head of my bed
Where bad dreams dare not treed.
It captures just my good dreams and hopes and prayers
And with the angels it is shared.
What better carrier than an angel with wings
Who can handle most anything.
Your prayers and dreams have been seen and heard
Every dream and every word.
The dream catcher must start again
Because your dreams may never end.
© L. RAMS 020415

from our father

He was sent to us from our father on high
To spill his blood for you and I.
MARY was chosen as the only one
To carry his begotten son.
Then he revealed to MARY and JOSEPH his intent
That this child would be heaven sent.
GOD’s angels spoke to each one
And told them what would be done.
From the moment that he was conceived
GOD’s steps he would achieve.
He started preaching at a very young age
The synagogues were his stage.
The rabbi s all stood in awe, as his words
Echoed throughout the floor.
A rabbi asked: how can he know as much as us, unless
In him the lord put his trust?
The road was paved as to what steps he would take
And the trials that he would pass, from the first to the last.
His miraculous feats became renowned
As the word spread from town to town.
From the blind to see, the deaf to hear
The mute to talk, and his walking on water
Changing water to wine – all of these were miracles divine.
The biggest miracle is yet to come
When GOD again will send down his son.
Nations will collapse and evil will fall
As the good will conquer all.

a little rose


This is for all the lovers out there


A little rose


I give you this little rose in remembrance of me

And how our love will always be.

Like a red rose so vibrant and true

And how our love – day to day grew.

The aroma of our love floating in the air

Letting everyone know how much I care.

The color of the rose like the blood in my veins

Will forever remain the same.

Your love was all it took – to keep that rose

Alive in your diary book.

You had put a caption on that page

That your love would remain the same.

It’s amazing how a little flower

Can have so much “loving power”!

But like the flower that was nurtured by mother earth

You have taken it for all its worth.

You don’t see the flower as wilted and dead

It’s alive in your head.

You see every petal that holds it together

And makes your love so much better.

A little thing called a rose, has so much to behold.

Now when it is my time and GOD takes me away

My love in that rose will forever stay.

can your blood

It is true that we all bleed “red” and that could never change

For GOD made us all the same.

We may have different blood types

However, that was done so that we could save one another

For we are sisters and brothers.

Can your blood distinguish whether we are white or black?

Or what we will look like at our birth

And what in life will be our worth.

Can your blood show you all emotions?

Or to who _ you will give your devotion.

Can your blood tell if you will be rich or poor?

Or what your heart will hold in store.

The blood is only to give us life

But what GOD put in it- was for our sacrifice.

The blood of “JESUS” – GODS only son

Was given up to save everyone.

He made a sacrifice and so should we

And for him I will gladly bleed.

He may have given us different languages and colors

But the “RED “is the only one

To insure that his “WILL “be done

Have you ever really noticed that most colors

Are whites, blues, greens, grays, and blacks.

But there was a color that we did lack.

“RED”! – It is the color of our “GODS “heart

And to us he gave us this part.

And our hearts is what pumps the color “red”

Until we take our final breath.

praying hands

  • I had a dream with my lord CHRIST He touched my head, not once but twice. I felt my body jump up in bed I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled.
    I felt the power of his healing hands He showed it to me so I could understand. With faith in our hearts he will heal And his hands you will feel.
    I awoke that morning with the spirit inside Those praying hands I had to find. I found a figurine of his hands And put it upon my night stand.
    In my prayers that I say day and night I squeeze those hands with all my might. Now when I feel life s pressures are getting me down I touch those hands that I had found.
    And when I feel an ailment or two Then I know what I must do. I touch those hands and say a prayer This is the bond that we share.
    There is no other feeling like the love of GOD When you have him in your heart.

louis rams