never give up

We cannot choose what life gives us , but we can
Choose how to live our lives.
We can choose spiritual or material.
Choosing material we have to cheat , lie , and connive
To achieve our goals,
Choosing spiritual we leave everything in the hands of GOD
But we tend to forget that GOD said : “help yourself
And I will help you “
So why not get the best of both worlds and set your goals in life
And strive to achieve them with the help of the LORD.
Tell him your goal for the day and ask him to help you attain it.
“ NEVER GIVE UP “ on yourself and definitely never
Give up on GOD.
Everything comes in his time , not ours.
Success is a slow painful learning experience , so you can know
What to do when a particular situation arises.
We can achieve the material things without having to cheat ,
Lie and connive and hurting people along the way so you
Can have some better days.
We have to be thankful for the basic things in life , such as Health
Which is the most important of all , because we then get bitter and angry
With everything .as long as we have a roof over our heads , clothes on our backs
And food to eat and water to drink .
We’ll be fine , it just takes a little time.
Just remember “ NEVER GIVE UP “ and maybe share our good fortune with others.
© L . RAMS 062817


you’re a hypocrite

I put you on a pedestal and raised you to the sky
And everything you told me was a lie.
You said you loved me and would always be true
Then I found you with somebody new.
Your friends knew about your cheating heart “oh so well”
But no one would tell!
How could you be so cruel that you played me like a fool!
I know now that you’re not mine, so I won’t waste my time.
I’ll take your cheating heart and throw it to the wind
So in my heart you’ll never get in.
Hypocrisy is all you’ve ever known
Hypocrisy is all you’ve ever shown
No truths could be found, as all truths fell to the ground
A hypocrite in love and life, and you’ve never done
Anything that’s right.
How did your memory hold – all those lies that you told?
Well baby it’s time that we part, because you have broken every ones heart.
Your hypocrisy showed me to beware, that my love with just
Anyone I cannot share.
© L. RAMS 031515

deceits and lies

Since you have not been a friend
Now it’s time for this relationship to end
I was tired of your deceits and lies
What is it you’re trying to hide?
Is it because of pains that you’ve been through?
And you don’t know what to do?
With the truth you don’t play
The truth goes a long long way.
I’m giving it up – can’t take any more
Going to walk right out of that door.
So many lies and deceit- in your world I can’t compete.
To my heart I can’t be untrue
But it is so easy for you.
You use people to no end- it matters not family or friend
You are a user, an abuser, a downright loser
But what goes around, comes around
And all your lies will be found.