fire in the sky

there is a fire in the sky which is orange and white and the blue to create this site.
just like the fires that burn on the ground
but without the dangers , without the sounds.

this fire was created by a hand from above,
given to us with tenderness and love.
this beauty so rich, so rare that with us
he had to share.
as I walk and look around at all the beauties that I’ve found, like the mountains, the rivers valleys and streams and the trees and grass so green
animals and creature of every kind and the birds that are flying high.
the beauty of a rainbow after the rain, and no two colors ever the same.

yes ! there is a fire in the sky
and it was made for you and I.
(C) L. RAMS 070917

soulmate search

You hear people talking about their special soul mate
So you begin your search cause you just can’t wait.
Someone with which you can share your life
Whether it’s a husband or wife.
Someone who will be with you thru the good times
And the bad , thru the happy times and the sad.
Someone who will sit and talk a while
Who will understand you and give you a smile.
Who will give you constructive criticism when you are wrong
And show you how “ to become strong “.
Someone with that “ positive energy flow “
Who will pick you up when you’re feeling low.
There are enough critics out there who try to compare
Because they don’t have what you two share.
This is what soul mate searching is about
And when it’s there you’ll find it out.
© L. RAMS 061017

he fills me up

My heart is warmer and my soul is on fire
My spiritual life is climbing much higher
I found myself after searching for so long
It’s always been where it belonged.

The cross I carry around my neck has filled
Me with the greatest love yet.
I hold it in my hand and I kiss it all day
And to him I do pray.

My prayers are answered every time that I speak
And only him do I seek.
No longer do I have an emptiness where all
My fears I did hide, just an exhilarating feeling deep inside.
Like an empty bottle that is filled with wine
He fills my spirit with a love divine.

Call his name when you are in despair, and your problems
With him you share.
You’ll feel a calmness in your mind, and the relief
Which is hard to find.
Put it in his hands and believe with all your heart
And he will tear the problems apart.
© L. RAMS 010317

safe in his hands

It is only natural for you to cry when someone
Passes to the other side.
Thoughts will come into your mind of memories they left behind.
We are here for a short spell and in others hearts we will dwell.
Like a puff of smoke we will pass , for we have done
What GOD had asked.
We taught and showed you the strength of GOD
And put him into your safe heart.
He is the strength of faith , hope , and love
And no matter what disasters hit our land
He has us safe in his hands.
© L . RAMS 03142017

true love everlasting

For man to sit under a flowered tree and to feel the winds
Cool and gentle breeze and to feel his woman s hands
Upon his chest , to feel her warmth and sweet caress.
To be able to think of all the things that were
All the things that are, and all the things to be
And to know that woman cares for me.
To see her smile and to feel her gaze and to see
Her hair in a misty haze.
To feel her tremble to your gentle touch
To know she wants you just as much.
To see her trust within her eyes and to feel
Your hearts both entwine.
To know that this can only be a “ true love everlasting “
© L . RAMS 020117

touch of love

A thousand years or more may go by , but my love
For you will never die.
A touch of love we both had received , it was something
That we did not conceive.
We sat together as friends often do , not knowing
What was in the brew.
When the cupid came and pulled his bow
It seems so very long ago.
I won’t pretend that I didn’t want to be your lover
As I prayed that you was not seeing another.
There was nothing that I could offer you , cause
I was just a poor boy with a heart so true.
But yet deep down I knew you cared
And the rest of my life with you I’d share.
I now know this touch of love was sent to us from above.
© L . RAMS 020117

his word

JESUS said I would be saved if I listened
And changed my ways.
The Father sent down his begotten son
For there was so much work to be done.
Christianity would not come overnight
We had to stand up to “ tyranny “ and fight.
Look at the word Christianity and my name
You’ll plainly see.
I look to you now Lord on bended knees
And to you I do plead
Just give me a chance to show I’ve changed
For there is no other way , cause in my heart
You will forever stay.
You have made the ultimate sacrifice
When you gave up your own life.
Your love and belief in the father above
Who had given you his tender love
To fight the devil on his ground , and try to
Weaken and put you down.
He tried to entice you with gold , diamonds and pearls
And even tried to offer you his world , but you had
Stood your ground . And any weaknesses he had never found.
Now I can never be as strong as you , I know that and so do you.
Yet I will give it my every being and every fiber of my soul
To try to keep all evil thoughts on hold .
Although it is hard with this world in such turmoil
And slavery , hypocrisy and wars still exist , and
Hatred in our midst.
We tend to fall out of your grace in this time
And in this place , but LORD I am trying
To follow your words , cause I know that no one can
Follow the path that you led , or the pains and the
Blood that you bled.
Strengthen me for I am weak , and build me up
To my peak.
© L . RAMS 012917

relationship proposal

For a relationship to work you must have three things
Love , Respect and Honesty
If one is missing it will not work !
Knowing this – he decided to tell her :
“ it’s time I ask you to marry me – five years together
So you know we were meant to be.
If we argue we walk away , for tomorrow
Always brings a calmer day . “
We enjoy walking hand in hand , we like the same music
And the same bands.
I love your parents and you love mine , and they’re
Always asking if we picked a time.
We spoke of children and getting a large home
So both our parents would never be alone
And Combining our incomes so we could enjoy life
Without any struggles and strife.
If you say yes , I’ll be a happy man and we could
Go on with our plan.
This is my relationship proposal to you and all
I need is to hear you say “ I do “.
© L . RAMS 012517

don’t run so fast

Baby don’t run so fast , my heart has to
Catch up to you if it can.
You’re going thru life like a race
It’s time you slowed up your pace.
I want to be there at your bewitching hour
When you stop to smell the flowers.
I’ve been in love with you for so long
And my heart has grown so strong.
Your face appears to me in my sleep
And my heart begins to leap.
The scent of your perfume , the softness of your hair
Your eyes hypnotic beyond compare.
Let me hold you in my embrace and capture
All the beauty of your face.
I know that time goes by very fast , but
My love you’ll have to grasp.
Patience is a quality which I have outgrown
So don’t let my love turn to stone.
Don’t run so fast !
© L . RAMS 010317

parting of ways

Words of love are constantly spoken
And the promises constantly broken
You live to lie and you lie to live
And I’m the only one who gives
You take , you use , and you abuse
The love and trust that is given to you
Yet every night I pray that you will change your way
What do we do that we fail
And love can not prevail.
Does love tend to smother you and you
Don’t know what to do ?
Is it that you’ve been hurt before
And you refuse to take a chance any more ?
In life there are no guarantees
You just go with what you see.
There are people who love you all around
And you’ve let every one down.
You laughed when I told you I couldn’t
Take amy more and that I would
Walk out that door.
Well I guess that we must part
I will not live with a broken heart.
© L . RAMS 111716