God has tears in his eyes

God has tears in his eyes seeing the self destruction of mankind
His Son gave up his life so that we could live !
What more does he have to give !
So many centuries have gone by but we still choose to live a lie.
We still have wars , sicknesses, hunger, poverty and hate
Is this going to be our fate ?
He had flooded this earth once before and said he would
Not do that any more !
Now we may be on the verge of a nuclear war
Which will wipe out everything from shore to shore.
For thousands of years man has created beliefs of their own
And believers in God they would throw stones.
Christianity was created with the apostles twelve
When in the house of the Lord they did dwell.
I know my Lord is with me every day – he walks
In front of me to show me the way .
Things that I have done that I feel so ashamed
But he forgives me when I call his name.
When I have weakened and done wrong
He’s built me up and made me strong.
Most of humanity can now relate , because the
Power of his love is so great.
Every problem that we’ve overcome , was the work that
He had done.
Let us all join together and wipe away his tears forever.
© L . RAMS 081517


through heavens doors

He crossed over to the other side , when God told him
It wasn’t his time.
He saw colors which on earth he had never seen before
And a peace and tranquility when he walked thru that door.
He told God that he wanted to stay , but God said no
And he was whisked away.
A doctors voice said I was gone and covered me with a white sheet
When I heard Gods voice say : your work on earth is not yet through
There are things yet that you must do , and when it’s time
I will tell you !
As the doctor was walking out – I came back to life
And the shock made him run from sight.
After I healed he came back to me and said :
Compassion and kindness is what people must see
Show it to a few and their hearts will fill , for this
Is your destiny and my will !
After seeing what I had saw I didn’t waste time anymore
I now help the homeless , the destitute and the hospice
Patients who are dying too.
My heart is full , my life is complete
Because other lives changed and God they will meet.
© L . RAMS 101316

my GODS song

He made this world and the universe in six days
And gave us his son to lead the way.
He gave us prophets to tell us of things to come
But it was ignored by most everyone.
He showed the outcomes of things to be
And the future as far as the eye could see.
He created the bible with so many stories
And showed his strength and his glories.
He told of Sampson who was not supposed to cut his hair
But was betrayed by a woman who didn’t care..
He was left blinded and weak , but his faith
Was at its peak.
He pushed the pillars with his hands and many of
The evils left this land.
There are many stories in the bible that people tell
Who knew of these things “ oh so well “.
But this is a story about GOD – and if you believe
Clap your hands and sing with me.
I write this song to GOD above for his tenderness and his love.
We write songs of love and drink , but he gives us
These words just to think.
Just imagine if all the believers were to hold hands
We would travel a thousand fold around the world.
But I know this will never be done
So I write this song to my only one.

GOD you are the father of all creation and speaking your
Name we feel your sensation.
We are brothers and sisters of every nation
Who have come together for our salvation.
Some people are well to do and others are poor
But we all come in through that same door.
GOD we love you , GOD we give you praise
And we are free when we call your name.
We are free when we call your name !
© L . RAMS 091916