The word bipolar can put fear in your heart
Because you’ll never know when it will start.
Also known as manic depression and it can become
A lifelong obsession.
Wondering when the next bout of fear will enter you
And if you know just what to do.
It is like the devil trying to take your soul
And it becomes a battle of control.
Most times in order for you to live
You must take the meds that they give.
If your child is bipolar or autistic, will you love them any less?
I don’t think so is my guess!
The LORD puts a child where he / she belongs
With a person he knows is strong.
The strength of the parents helps them to cope
With the problems old and new, and that is
Something that they do.
Let us be a little realistic, not many crimes
Are committed by bipolar or autistic
So how can they use words like crazy, retarted or handicapped
When against us the cards are stacked,
When this becomes a challenge close to home
Remember that you’re not alone.



She is short and round, but not loved by the pound
She has no waistline or protruding butt
She even has a hanging gut.
Yet! Not every package that glitters is made of gold
Look inside for life to unfold.
The greatest two gifts that GOD had given to man
And this you must understand, is the creation of women
And the glory of birth, and then he spread this throughout the earth.
Do not look at her to criticize, but be thankful that she is alive.
She can give life to another being, no matter what others are seeing.
She can warm a man on cold wintery nights and she can get angry and even fight.
But she is what keeps us alive, and on this we can’t deny.
Many may not like a person who is heavy or thin? So how do you win!
Acceptance is the key! Accept that person who is short and round
Because no one likes to be put down.
A man’s heart is 10-12 ounces and a women’s is 8-10
And can hold a love that will never end.

don’t be defined – stay proud

Do not let growing up in the streets define you as a person?
You are older now and don’t need to talk the street talk and slangs.
Educate yourself to what you can be, not what you was.
I do not want to be defined as a street thug or a ghetto rat
But as a person who has learned to talk properly and has
Left the streets to the streets.
Because I do not have a college degree does not mean
That I am an illiterate; it just means that I did not pursue my education.
No one has to be defined as low class, trash, or ignorant.
Because you are born in the hills does not make you a hillbilly!
Or born in the swamplands does not make you a swamp rat!
Titles have always been given to every ethnic group, such as
The Hispanics was spicks, the Irish – miks , the Italians as wops
Or guinies and the blacks as niggers and so on down the line.
If you are one who likes to use titles on others, then there is
Only one title that you can use.
“HUMAN BEINGS” which classifies everyone.
I want you to stand proud, because you are a HUMAN BEING
Made by GOD, and he doesn’t make garbage.
Learn your own self-respect and others will respect you! DON’T BE DEFINED!

ANGELS : do you believe


It was the first thing put on GODS list
So why do we question if angels exist?
They are his soldiers the guardians of earth
They have been here since humanities birth,
And since the world began giving GOD a helping hand.
Like everything in life it is a chain of command
That all of us should understand.
Not all who perish get their wings
You had to accomplish certain things
Trying to keep the commandments of GOD
No matter how difficult, no matter how hard.
Then there are the earthly angels who are always by your side
These are your teachers, they are your guides.
You’ve heard the expression “an angel was watching over you “
That is so very true.
They are with you until when the LORD decides
This is the last moment of your time.
If you still don’t believe in angels then that’s a shame
Because in their book they have your name!
Just like SANTA with his naughty and nice
This is the one who will take you to paradise.
Maybe we’ll meet on the other side
And you will tell me how you changed your mind.

single dad

He was not one of wealth and fame
And no one even knew his name.
He was just known as dad, the only father they ever had.
He worked long hours for very little pay
Yet their clothes were clean every day.
He never lost hope, yet he learned to cope.
He worked at night so he could stay with his children during the day.
He would give them breakfast then take them to school
So that they could learn the golden rules.
His routine was always the same- it would hardly ever change.
Clean the house, take a nap, and for the children prepare a snack.
Then start to prepare for dinner, which wasn’t always a winner.
Yet they ate healthy and never went without
Of that there is no doubt.
In the afternoon pick up the kids and bring them home
During the day they were never alone.
They would change their clothes then have a snack
While he took another nap.
They did their homework when he slept
In the softness of his bed.
He would then wake up and dinner he would serve
And not a complaint was ever heard
They would say grace and he would ask:” how was your day?”
Wash the dishes and put them away.
They could watch TV. until it was nine
Take their showers and then bedtime.
This was the life of a single DAD
, and it was the best part of his life he ever had.