miracles large and small

Note: we always hear of miraculous stories every day
And of guardian angels and near death experiences.
Are these small individual miracles created by GOD S hand
Or is it his angels which are sent to protect us? Who is to say!
And the greater miracles and visions seen by thousands
At one time. In one place such as the sighting of MARY holding JESUS
Above the Greek Church.
All miracles large and small are created by GODS call.
These are signs that he creates just to test humanities faith.
So many prayers have been heard because of their
Belief in GODS word.
This is the time of year where dreams are fulfilled and miracles created
And the repairing of lives that were devastated.
Where smiles are put back on children s faces
And hope is put back into the hearts of man
With the gentle touch of GODS hand.
That unexpected bonus that MR. JONES had never received before
As he was about to walk out that door.
That hospital prayer that you gave- when you thought your loved
One would slip away.
That car accident that you walked away from
When you thought your life was done.
What about Mr. H who fell off his roof and cracked open his head
And everyone thought he was dead, yet he got up and walked away
And never a complaint until this day.
GOD creates millions of small miracles every day
But the miracle I would like to see is the cleansing of humanity.
Just pure thoughts in the minds of men, and the worlds
Tragedies would finally end.
Just the thought of no wars, no hunger , no slavery, no abuse
And all the minds put to good use.
Working hand in hand to cure the illnesses throughout our lands.
Where equality is really true, for men and women like me and you.
Our ocean food line is dwindling fast because no control laws have been passed.
The slaughtering of dolphins and whales are world wide
And our politicians turn a blind eye.
We must spread the word of peace and love that the LORD
Has given us from up above.


NEW YORK CITY – my home town

People from all over come to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.
Men, women, children alike – all say it’s a most beautiful sight.
Every year they search for the tallest Christmas tree
And decorate it so carefully.
There is nothing left to chance – there must be bulbs on every branch.
This tree is a symbol of our right to be free Put up each year for the world to see.
It has become symbolic to us like the Thanksgiving Day parade
New years on Times Square which are the things
That AMERICA shares.
Every dream that you perceive – in NEW YORK CITY can be achieved.
There are centers of every kind- where dreams become alive
The diamond center, the garment center, the art center too
And that’s just to name a few.
The United Nations was built on these grounds
Where every language can be found.
NEW YORK CITY where I was born and raised
I give you thanks and I give you praise. © LRams

what i’m trying to say

There are lessons to be learned at every step and every turn
The greatest teacher is called LIFE
It will take you through struggles and strife.
Every sensation, feeling and thought
Through life it is taught.
Every pain known to man- it will teach you to understand.
You learn about sorrow, bitterness and hate
Then about happiness, love and faith.
Life gives us a balance between the two
So we know just what to do.
We cannot have one without the other
Just like we must have the day and night
The sun and the moon – we must also have happiness and gloom.
The point that I am trying to say
Is accepting what life gives you is the only way.


sentimental journey

( more women will read this then men )

have you ever seen a very elderly couple walking down the street, or walking
on the beach, or on a path in the park or forest holding hands?
did you ever wonder : what do they have that we don’t have ?
nowadays the word LOVE is used so freely but without any feelings or meanings.
take a look around at the rich or the famous that get so involved in their careers
or the greed for money that they have never learned or have forgotten what love is.
when a man such as myself can look at the woman in that relationship and see that
with all that she has in her life, that she is still lonely and empty inside.
she may never have walked hand in hand with a man, or out of the clear blue
he presents her with a single flower, or has called unexpectedly and said
i’m just calling to tell you ” that I love you ” and then hangs up.
( that feeling Is something that stays in your heart and mind )
what about that man who has nothing to offer you since you have riches or fame
or both and says the only thing he has to offer is his heart and undying love.
a man who loves to walk in the rain holding your hand and smiling and laughing and talking
about anything and everything.
a man who will look into your eyes and find your soul and tells you that
you are the only one he wants to hold.
one who understands your needs and desires, and can still light your fire.
one who knows the difference between sex and lovemaking and always makes it beautiful
and not vulgar or animalistic.
one who loves you for you and not for what others want you to become.
one who still has a little chivalry left in him to open up a car door
and walk on the outside facing the street to protect you from danger.
a man who will help you to follow your dreams and support all your endeavors
even if he feels that it may not be right for you , but will also warn
you of dangers and obstacles that may lie ahead.
one who knows that women are very sentimental and can cry at the drop of a hat
and can put their head on your shoulder and let the tears flow.

to be continued with wife s sentimental journey



For fifty years they were together as husband and wife And like all married couples they would bicker and fight. Then the day came that GOD called her away And with him she could not stay. He mourned the loss of his soul mate, and to be with her again He did not want to wait. As he went through her belongings of fifty years He found a box which brought a tear. It was a 12” box with the words engraved “treasure chest box” With a key for the lock. It was something he had never known before As he opened up the door. It was a stack of letters tied with a red ribbon And a note on top which read:  My dear husband – if you are reading this it is because GOD decided to take me away, and with you I could not stay. But these letters is what kept me alive, and of your love I did thrive. Each letter tells me of the love that you have for me And thru my teary eyes I did see. A man of compassion and kindness and love Given to me from GOD above. For each letter that you had written me, I wrote a response Although I never gave them to you “till now “. I knew that you would find it hard to let me go This is something I did know. So read my responses to the love you had for me As you have set my heart free. Every letter was dated from the first one written on the bottom To the last one on the top He held his breath and his heart stopped. He read all the love letters he had written and her responses To every one which she ended with “from the start you stole my heart”. After reading all her letters he went back to her note and continued to read. It said: life is full of mysteries, twists and turns we do not see Life can never be a road straight and narrow with the ending in sight. So each day I prayed with all of my might, that a love as the one that you  Have for me – will live with me eternally. For if there is any such thing as “human eternal love” You have gone far above!  You have been my ROCK OF GIBRALTER And I knew you would never falter. Now I need you to be strong, because this is where you belong. Show everyone the love that you have given For you make life worth living. “FROM THE START YOU STOLE MY HEART”

louis rams