soldier on the beach

wrote this through the eyes of this photographer and journalist


he laid on the gaza beach, the m-16 within his reach
at a young age he was taught , that the palestinians had always fought
fighting for freedom and the land, was something that he could understand
but this was a day of relaxation, away from the war and the devastation.
the waves rolling in to the shore – peace and quiet at last once more.
will there ever be peace on the gaza strip ?
or will i forever have a gun on my hip !
centuries have gone by and still the battle rages
no one is willing to adjust to changes.
so many countries have been divided in two
civil war was all they knew.
there is never peace ! always unrest
is GOD putting us to a test ?
when will these murders end?
that we could become neighbors and friends.
there are three things that rule this world
politics , religion , and greed.
why is it that people don’t read!
whether it be the bible , the koran ,or any other religious book
we must stop and take a look !
no where does it say to destroy one another
when we are all sister and brother.
this soldier is now relaxing on the beach
this is something that our children we should teac


strength of a woman

She told him: you can have my body and all the rest
Since you tore the heart out of my chest.
Do what you want with it if you will, for tender hearts you learned to kill.
Has the thought ever entered your mind, that love for you
Could be so blind?
You say that love is just a tool. That is used by a fool!
There is no such thing as love just human desire
And we must learn to put out the fire!
We have become putty in your hands, and how to mold you understand.
The feelings you showed was just a ploy, so you could get in and destroy.
She had been hurt by love so many times before
That she decided to close the door. No longer would she let anything in
Unless it was a love that she could win.
The men in her life were vultures tearing her flesh apart
Just to get to her heart.
No one knows the strength of a woman with a broken heart
That has been shattered and torn apart.
Like a rubber ball, she will bounce back, and the odds against abuse will be stacked. She has learned from day to day that with her heart you will not play.
With the strength of a tiger she will attack and there will be no turning back
She will tear at your heart the way it was done to her and laid at her feet
For all the other vultures who want to eat.

louis rams

battered wife

when they met, she could’nt know
that later on, his true colors would show.
he beat on women all his life
then he made her ‘ his wife’.

just so that he could have a puching bag
and that part of life ‘ is very sad’.

in his life he saw abuse
and decided to put it to use
he thought that it would keep a woman in line
and to them ‘ it was just fine’.

he did not think, nor did he care
if to his wife, it was fair.
he broke her nose
and fractured her ribs
because she refused to give
the sex that he so desired
just to satisfy his inner fire.

he thought that she was something
that he could use, as he felt fit.
til the day that she opened up her mind
and decided that it was time
to stop this physical abuse
for crying, was of no use.

so when he came home after
drinking that night, and started his routine fight
she was prepared for his attack
and she was ready to fight back.

when he raised his hand to strike
she then showed a 12 inch knife.

‘touch me again and you will see
that you’ll be part of history.’

he lowered his hand in dismay
she knew then-she could not stay.
the following day she packed her things
and on the dresser, left her ring.

(leave him after the first time
for there is no dividing line.
he will continue his attacks
then there’ll be no turning back)

louis rams

the unwritten valentine card

Today is valentines day, but none of
These cards express what I want to say.
These cards can not see what I have in my heart
Or show my feelings when we’re apart.

So this is a special valentine for you
And it comes from a heart that’s true.
You are my life, you are my love
You was sent to me from up above.

You was picked for me at our birth
To be with me here on earth.
You fill my heart like the stars
Fill the skies, and like the sun that
Brightens the day.
You fill my heart in every way.

If just a piece of you was taken from my heart
I would fall completely apart.


louis rams




I stopped to look at a butterfly-then it flew away.
Yet! -left me with an impression.
With me it will always stay.

Its wings were a beautiful brown-with polka dots you see.

I had wanted to grab it-but I knew it had to be free.

They only have a short life span
But in their life -they live an eternity.

They have no worries or cares-but in their life they share
All the joys of yesteryear…

If man could be as a butterfly-and enjoy and share life.
we would not have to go through, all our struggles and strife.

louis rams

escaping the abuse

this is a topic which I write a lot about because there is so much
of this going on all around the world of women being abused.

She was at the dance with her boyfriend
Who abused her to no end.
Every time she tried to get away
He would beat her so she could stay
I asked her out on the dance floor
Not knowing what was in store
Everything for me changed on that day
As he walked to the dance floor and pulled her away.
“What is your problem?” I had asked!
“Find another one with which to dance!”
I saw her a few more times on the street
And on the q.t. we started to meet.
She told me her life story and what she was going thru
And didn’t know just what to do
Her parents had passed away and no family members with which to stay
The life insurance money had dwindled away, and in the house she could not stay
She was living out of her car while working in a neighborhood bar
That was where she met her boyfriend JIM
Who said she could stay with him.
Little did she know – the physical abuse that he would show.
For a better education she did pray, so I made a plan to take her away
She finished her school and got her degree, and was happy as can be.
We soon married as she got her new start
And she is now the queen of my heart.
© L. RAMS 021115

children s hospital dreams (christmas story )

The countdown to CHRISTMAS had begun

As they waited with anticipation – the mother
Father ,Daughter and son.
All year long they waited for this day
To thank JESUS in their own special way.

As a family they had made a decision
To fulfill a sick child s dreams and visions.
Many are born with treatable sicknesses
While others are born with a terminal ill disease
But they all have hopes, wishes, and dreams
And in their eyes it is seen.

So every year they pick a child or more
And to their dream they open that door.
They ask the children to write their wish list down
Some may be simple – like a walk in the park
And others to see the city after dark.

Some may want to meet a person of fame
While others may want to see a sports game.
This is where their decision is tough
Because some may be on borrowed time
And to us – they may look fine.

If it is a famous person that they want to meet
Getting in touch with them may be a feat.
Even to a sporting event – letters and phone calls
Have to be sent.

They always seem to find the means
To fulfill these children s dreams.
Just to see that smile on their face
Is something that can not be replaced.

Now when it gets close to Christmas day
Get on your knees and pray.

Thank GOD for your health
Because it’s worth more than any wealth.


© L . RAMS

sands of love

i walked along the oceans shores
with a hundred thoughts on my mind
trying to get the answers in that period of time.
does love only come once in our lifetime?
and is it destined for us to feel heartbreak?
how can i survive? what will it take.
i was forgetting what it was to love again
then something strange happened to me.
i felt the oceans mist gently touch my face.
i felt the sun hold me in a warm embrace.
i felt the sand underneath my feet
i felt my heart skip a beat.
there stood this woman in her glory
telling the children a fairy tale story.
as a child they would wonder.
what was rolling thunder?
what created the rainbow in the sky.
why could the birds fly, and not you and i?
why does the sun rise in the east
and sets in the west?
is this just part of GODS test?
these were just some of the
questions that was put to her.
she looked at the children in total dismay
not knowing what to say.
so i decided to step in, and answer the
questions the best that i could.
not really knowing if i should.
she smiled at me, and gave a sigh of relief
she asked me to sit at their feet.
we laughed and joked with the children
and played in the sand.
she thanked me for giving the helping hand.
the sun started to set in the sky
there we sat- just she and i.
i asked if i could see her again
even if it’s as a friend.
and she knew where i was going with that
and that there’d be no turning back.
we were both looking for love
the second time around.
and in each other
‘that love we found’.

easily loving you

The easiest thing I ever done in my life is “loving you”
The hardest thing I ever done in my life is being apart from you.
You have made my life worthwhile with your every word and smile,
They could take away the streams, the mountains, the rivers too
But to take away your love I wouldn’t know what to do.
If water was to be taken away from the trees and grass
I know they would not last, and if you was to say good-bye
I know I would surely die.
People say that our love will be buried but little
Do they know that our love is seeds, and our love
Is strong and will last like “a diamond cutting glass “.
Can anyone love you more than me? I think not!
Because all my love you have got.
Romeo and Juliet’s love cannot compare
To the love I have hidden here.
Our love is explosive like fire and gasoline
And with each kiss the flame grows higher
Sparking up another fire.
If we haven’t seen the extent of it yet
Then how much stronger can our love get!
Many stories have been told –some new, many old
Yet the greatest love story is about to unfold
And that key is the one you hold.
© L. RAMS 020715

dream catcher

I put the dream catcher at the head of my bed
Where bad dreams dare not treed.
It captures just my good dreams and hopes and prayers
And with the angels it is shared.
What better carrier than an angel with wings
Who can handle most anything.
Your prayers and dreams have been seen and heard
Every dream and every word.
The dream catcher must start again
Because your dreams may never end.
© L. RAMS 020415