silent voices

I’m writing this poem for all of you, cause true
Poets are far from few.
A true poet writes about every day life
The joys , the loves , the sacrifice.
There is not a topic they will not touch . Because
Life gives us “ oh so much “.

Each poem is like a wave beating against the beach
Touching anyone that it can reach.
It can be as smooth as glass , and tell your stories
Of the present or past, and most of us have gone
Thru love , joy , sorrow ,bitterness and hate
And other things in which we can relate.

We become the eyes and voices of the silent ones
Who are afraid to speak “ cause they feel they are weak “
We see their tears , we feel their pain , but in silence they remain.
A true poet tells what others do not , and they’ll continue to write
“ they will not stop “.
© L . RAMS 082017


troubled world

we are living in a troubled world where compassion has faded away

And more greed has come into play.

We know greed has been around since the beginning of time

And everyone wants to taste the grapes of a good wine.

We have to climb on others backs to get out of the hole

But once we‘re out let’s take control.

We would all like to live a comfortable life , but only a small percentage will.

So we must tighten up our belts and pull the slack

From this point on there’s no turning back.

If you have your five senses then you are fine

The sixth sense will take some time

The seventh sense is compassion , hope , faith and love

This is stronger than all above.

We are judged not by what we have , but what we do

It all depends upon you.

© L . RAMS 051716


adding hope to all who need it

when friends and family have turned their backs
and against you the cards seem stacked
look to GOD up above for his guidance and his love
for he will do for you what he has done for me
and set your mind and heart free.
just say : GOD there is only so much that i can do
so i turn this problem over to you.

dream catcher

I put the dream catcher at the head of my bed
Where bad dreams dare not treed.
It captures just my good dreams and hopes and prayers
And with the angels it is shared.
What better carrier than an angel with wings
Who can handle most anything.
Your prayers and dreams have been seen and heard
Every dream and every word.
The dream catcher must start again
Because your dreams may never end.
© L. RAMS 020415

tell your heart to speak

tell your heart to speak what it has hidden for so long when to the world it shouts

this is where i belong.

the heart holds so many secrets and pains that we don’t know.

and if we don’t release it , then where will it go ?

this is my heart as it speaks to me:

i see pain and hunger every where that i turn, and the crying and wailing of children who can’t be


i see and read of slavery which still exists,and of women and children who were kidnapped

and who are truly missed.

religion is florishing and it still has a long way to go

because wars and greed put on a better show.

the questions that i ask myself is :  why do we give billions of dollars to other countries around the world and we have families who go without food and clothing right here in the u,s,?

why should we be the police of the world and send our soldiers to die in countries that hate AMERICA ?

this is my heart speaking !   what does yours say ?




can your blood

It is true that we all bleed “red” and that could never change

For GOD made us all the same.

We may have different blood types

However, that was done so that we could save one another

For we are sisters and brothers.

Can your blood distinguish whether we are white or black?

Or what we will look like at our birth

And what in life will be our worth.

Can your blood show you all emotions?

Or to who _ you will give your devotion.

Can your blood tell if you will be rich or poor?

Or what your heart will hold in store.

The blood is only to give us life

But what GOD put in it- was for our sacrifice.

The blood of “JESUS” – GODS only son

Was given up to save everyone.

He made a sacrifice and so should we

And for him I will gladly bleed.

He may have given us different languages and colors

But the “RED “is the only one

To insure that his “WILL “be done

Have you ever really noticed that most colors

Are whites, blues, greens, grays, and blacks.

But there was a color that we did lack.

“RED”! – It is the color of our “GODS “heart

And to us he gave us this part.

And our hearts is what pumps the color “red”

Until we take our final breath.