The day is approaching when he arose from the dead
And walked the earth as the bible said.
Every year we celebrate this day – when the Christians kneel to pray.
For children its Easter bunnies and Easter eggs and dressing up for mass
But as parents we must remind them of the past
Of how this day came to be – when CHRIST died for you and me.
He was not laid in an earthly grave, but into a mountainous cave
And a concrete wheel put at the entrance way, and guards
To protect it so it would stay.
On the morning of the third day the guards had found that
Not a sound had been made –as the wheel was moved from his grave.
When the followers went inside and searched “to their surprise “
He was nowhere to be found and his burial cloth lay on the ground.
They say that some had seen him walking on the mountain top
Turned around and looked down to where he had laid
Smiled and walked away.
© L. RAMS 040215


he walked amongst men

this is one of two Easter poems I’ve just written

He walked amongst men

It is said that he arose from the dead
Looked around and walked straight ahead.
Walked to the top of the hill, where he would begin
To do his fathers will.
GOD had prepared him from his birth to create
The miracles on this earth.
To show the world that his son- would not be the forgotten one.
That everything that he would do in his life
Was to prepare him for the ultimate sacrifice.
The devils temptation to make him weak
He would face and defeat.
Every miracle that he created – none of which was related.
Turning water into wine, giving sight to the blind
Making the crippled walk, and the mute begin to talk.
So many things that he had done, was because
He was his father’s son
He believed in his father from the start
And this had filled his gentle heart.
He was a king who walked amongst men
And every person was a friend.
He had no enemies or hatred in his heart
It was pure love from the start.
Over a thousand years have passed
With billions of followers and climbing fast.
© L . RAMS 040215