animal abusers


I had sensed the presence of someone near

I looked around and there was no one there

Then the feeling got stronger by the minute

As I frantically looked around- then looked to the ground.

There at my feet was the presence that I felt

Of a puppy with cuts and welts.

I could see the abuse as the tears rolled down my eyes

As I started to scream and cry.

“Who can abuse an animal this way?

The one who did this by the law must pay!

I gently picked him up and said: it’ll be alright!

As his tail wagged in delight.

I put him in my car and took him to the nearest vet

He also had a broken leg which the doctor did set.

With antibiotics and pills for pain, yet some of those

Scars will still remain.

I bought from the vet what I would need

Food and medicines on which he would feed.

When I got home, he was fed- then I laid him in his bed.

So he could rest his weary head.

Then he looked up at me with his big brown eyes. And let out a quiet sigh.

With time he started to heal, and his leg he could feel.

The police said they used puppies to train pit bulls to fight

As they were told by the dog fighting ring they busted one night.

I named him survivor because of everything he went through

“Now tell me this: what would you do?”