I saw black children and white children walking hand in hand
Into GODS promised land.
Then I saw children of every faith waiting at heavens gate.
All feelings from this earth was left behind of bigotry
And hate of every kind.
There was no jealousies, no murders, no wars
And slavery was left at earths door.
We created all these things here on earth
And many took power for all its worth.
Many had food, while others starved
Many were cheated, many were robbed
Many were talked about and put down by their fellow man
Which is something I could not understand.
There would be so much more to give if you only
“Live and let live ”
I know this is the way of life- it’s been this way since the beginning of man
But GOD gave us freedom of choice which we still don’t understand.
I believe he meant- do we accept GOD or do we let the devil in?
Well! We all still have the devil in us -but do we accept him and his ways
Or god? (still freedom of choice)
Will we be mourned when we die and will people watch over us and cry?
Or will they turn their backs and say – that it was time he /she was taken away.
Whether we are adults or children waiting at the gate
We chose GOD before it became too late
We redeemed ourselves we had a change of heart
And of the devils ways, we wanted no part
C© L.RAMS 081916c

louis rWord ams


Christmas war and peace

i was looking through some christmas ornaments that were
old , faded and gray . some still looked decent but others
had to be thrown away
each one was a memory of years gone by of when family and friends rejoiced as one and looked up and praised GOD
up on the sky
just like the ornaments that were being thrown away
many had left us in search of other ways.
we all look forward to christmas when spirits and joys start to fly and see the happiness in everybodys eyes.
children awakening and screaming ” it’s Christmas day”
we’ll now have different toys for all of us to play.
just watching their faces as they tear the packages apart
and the anticipation dancing in their heart.
for this one day in life there is joy around the world
and at times battles will stop for all the boys and girls.
any adults will  stop showing the children the hathreds in their hearts , but give them school books , crayons , puzzles and such – anything that will not cost too much.
let them have a childhood , for death , destruction and war will always be around.
so let them enjoy temselves and let’s not put them down’
they pick up rifles and bombs because the elders tell them so
and if that’s the case – why don’t the elderd go ?
(C) L.RAMS 081516

give me their strength

every day i pray to GOD to heal this affliction that i have
and i know there are so many people in much , much worse
condition than i .
but like most every day i get up and try-
( help yourself and i will help you )
and i know that much is true.
help me GOD as i struggle in this life , to try to be
a good man , a father , and a husband to my wife.
by thinking and writing i ease my pain
and since i’ve been doing this , my life has never
been the same.
i cannot help others if i cannot help myself
and on my problems i cannot dwell.
i’ve seen and read stories of people who have overcome
some with lost legs and have now begun to run.
hundreds of thousands of stories of people
who have been blessed , after being put through
a long and rigerous test.
GOD clear and strenghten my mind so that i can do the same
and write your poetry and praise and sing your name.
i may not have a physical disability the same as them
but i have so many words to write which never seem to end.
the stories are the stories that i write about who can
continue to get up and shout
” my GOD is my spirit and i will overcome
there are so many things that i’ve yet to be done.”
and with strength in their bones and love in their hearts
they finish what they did start.
(C) L .RAMS 081516

lonely is the heart

lonely is the heart that has never learned of love
lonely is the heart that has never been kissed
lonely is the heart that has no family or friends
lonely is the heart that will soon reach an end
but then your heart had been touched by an angel from above
who will bring you the person for you to love
your heart will feel experiences you never felt before
as the angel opens up many a door
the warmth of a kiss , the beating of your heart
no longer will it be silent or torn apart.
you will sing and dance and jump with joy
like a child with a brand new toy.
lonely ” was your heart ” who found what it can do
when you prayed to GOD-he followed through.
(C) L . RAMS 081516

the losing of a child

I will always see the smile upon his / her face
And hear the laughter when I make a silly face
And feel the warmth of that tender embrace.
It is easy for people to say that “ we must let go “
But what’s in my heart they could never know.

For nine months I carried this child and felt it slowly grow
And move and kick , more than anyone could ever know.
Then the day came that he / she wanted to be free
And see the world and look at me.

To a mother it does not matter if you had it for an hour
A day , or a lifetime – because in your heart death has no time.
Let me grieve as all mothers will
Because in my heart I will love him / her still.

There are so many plans and visions in your mind
And it was taken from you before their time.
But GOD had a different plan for this child
So he / she stayed for only a little while.

As a baby they are with other Cherubs
Dancing and frolicking to the grooves.
And as an elder child they was needed as an angel up above
To watch over others with their tender love.

YES ! GOD does not ask “ not to grieve “
Or to forget the time spent , but you had a child
Which was heaven sent.

That child will be with you even if you’re young or old
For he / she will greet you at heavens gates
Because love never comes too late.