a little rose


This is for all the lovers out there


A little rose


I give you this little rose in remembrance of me

And how our love will always be.

Like a red rose so vibrant and true

And how our love – day to day grew.

The aroma of our love floating in the air

Letting everyone know how much I care.

The color of the rose like the blood in my veins

Will forever remain the same.

Your love was all it took – to keep that rose

Alive in your diary book.

You had put a caption on that page

That your love would remain the same.

It’s amazing how a little flower

Can have so much “loving power”!

But like the flower that was nurtured by mother earth

You have taken it for all its worth.

You don’t see the flower as wilted and dead

It’s alive in your head.

You see every petal that holds it together

And makes your love so much better.

A little thing called a rose, has so much to behold.

Now when it is my time and GOD takes me away

My love in that rose will forever stay.