mountains we must climb

So many mountains that we must climb
So many struggles and not enough time
Each step is getting harder to bare
My legs are weak, but they’ll take me there.
We all have mountains that we must climb
It may not be easy, and it’ll take some time.
He gives us strength each and every day
To help us wipe the fears away.
He gives us hand grips along the way
So we will not falter and will not stray
We climb the mountains to see how we fare
And with GODS help help, he’ll take us there.


deceits and lies

Since you have not been a friend
Now it’s time for this relationship to end
I was tired of your deceits and lies
What is it you’re trying to hide?
Is it because of pains that you’ve been through?
And you don’t know what to do?
With the truth you don’t play
The truth goes a long long way.
I’m giving it up – can’t take any more
Going to walk right out of that door.
So many lies and deceit- in your world I can’t compete.
To my heart I can’t be untrue
But it is so easy for you.
You use people to no end- it matters not family or friend
You are a user, an abuser, a downright loser
But what goes around, comes around
And all your lies will be found.

the escape

              I was so tired and stressed and needed a vacation so badly

So I went home and held you in my arms, and looked into your eyes

And floated into the depths of your soul

Losing all thoughts and control.

Your soul as endless as the universe and as beautiful as can be

And my heart was set free.

As I floated in the depths of your soul

I saw the brightness of every star, the sun, the moon

I saw the depths of the ocean and felt every emotion

But unlike the ocean – there was no disasters below

But just beautiful flowers that you showed.

I continued floating and all I saw

Were untold beauties I never saw before.

I saw the birth of nature at my fingertips

As mother nature kissed my lips.

I knew I had to get back to the realities of life !

But “JESUS”!   “I did not want to let go of your picture”.