silent voices

I’m writing this poem for all of you, cause true
Poets are far from few.
A true poet writes about every day life
The joys , the loves , the sacrifice.
There is not a topic they will not touch . Because
Life gives us “ oh so much “.

Each poem is like a wave beating against the beach
Touching anyone that it can reach.
It can be as smooth as glass , and tell your stories
Of the present or past, and most of us have gone
Thru love , joy , sorrow ,bitterness and hate
And other things in which we can relate.

We become the eyes and voices of the silent ones
Who are afraid to speak “ cause they feel they are weak “
We see their tears , we feel their pain , but in silence they remain.
A true poet tells what others do not , and they’ll continue to write
“ they will not stop “.
© L . RAMS 082017


power of prayer

With the power of prayer you can not compare
For our Lord is always there .
He listens to every word we say as he looks
Over us from day to day .
He knows our wants and sees our needs
And on that we do feed.
He fills up his heaven with angels from below
And the ones he will choose you do know .
A mother , a father , a sister a brother
For like them there are no others.
Every one of us are grains of sand to complete
The beaches on this land .
Each touching each other and creating a world of hope
So that our children can learn to cope.
This is the Power Of Prayer and he always takes us there.
© L . RAMS 072917 ( poetlou )

i hold this cross

LORD I cannot thank you for all that you’ve done
My day was dark and you brought out the sun.
With all my worries and my tears – you took away all my fears.
I held the cross from my chain and asked for blessings in your name.
When life becomes like a tornado tossing everything around
You held me firm on the ground.
I hold this cross in my hand cause my life you understand
This cross is your symbol of life , faith , love and hope
And this shows us how to cope.
Such a small little cross which holds billions of hearts
And with the twelve Apostles it did start.
A cross so small above my heart – I kiss it daily for my day to start.
From the Sacred Heart of Jesus that has endured the ravages of time
To make this gift “ yours and mine “ .
© L . RAMS 020917

JESUS i come to you

Jesus I come to you with my heart in my hand
Jesus I come to you because you understand
My heart is crying and broken in two and
I don’t know just what to do.
The world is changing and mankind has lost
Its feelings of love.
All they think of is the love of money and what it could bring
And they don’t care about any other thing.
They have lost compassion for their fellow man
And greed and hunger is their plan.
slavery has existed since the beginning of time
And rapes of children you will find.
Innocent animals are being slaughtered every day , some for food and many for pay.
No longer can you tell who your enemy is for they are
In civilian disguise and hide in their lies.
Why is it that man wants to seek power and try to be like you
If they had your powers , they still wouldn’t know what to do !
They would have to go into the hearts of man -and seek the love and compassion that “they could never understand.”
JESUS I come to you
As I had done since my birth , for you are my GOD
And have given my life worth.
© L . RAMS 083015

from our father

He was sent to us from our father on high
To spill his blood for you and I.
MARY was chosen as the only one
To carry his begotten son.
Then he revealed to MARY and JOSEPH his intent
That this child would be heaven sent.
GOD’s angels spoke to each one
And told them what would be done.
From the moment that he was conceived
GOD’s steps he would achieve.
He started preaching at a very young age
The synagogues were his stage.
The rabbi s all stood in awe, as his words
Echoed throughout the floor.
A rabbi asked: how can he know as much as us, unless
In him the lord put his trust?
The road was paved as to what steps he would take
And the trials that he would pass, from the first to the last.
His miraculous feats became renowned
As the word spread from town to town.
From the blind to see, the deaf to hear
The mute to talk, and his walking on water
Changing water to wine – all of these were miracles divine.
The biggest miracle is yet to come
When GOD again will send down his son.
Nations will collapse and evil will fall
As the good will conquer all.

praying hands

  • I had a dream with my lord CHRIST He touched my head, not once but twice. I felt my body jump up in bed I saw the nail holes in his hands that bled.
    I felt the power of his healing hands He showed it to me so I could understand. With faith in our hearts he will heal And his hands you will feel.
    I awoke that morning with the spirit inside Those praying hands I had to find. I found a figurine of his hands And put it upon my night stand.
    In my prayers that I say day and night I squeeze those hands with all my might. Now when I feel life s pressures are getting me down I touch those hands that I had found.
    And when I feel an ailment or two Then I know what I must do. I touch those hands and say a prayer This is the bond that we share.
    There is no other feeling like the love of GOD When you have him in your heart.

louis rams