is love wrong

They say what we have is wrong , but my love
For you has gotten so strong.
How can I turn my back on what I feel is right
And not able to keep you in my sight.
No one knows what I’m going through
Cause when I close my eyes , all I see is you.
Age is just a frame of mind , our love will
Withstand the hands of time.
Love has no age , race, color or creed
But it’s just something we all need.
How can anyone deny us our love
When this is what the world is made of .
© L . RAMS 073016


golden years – what a laugh

The golden years have come at last , my youthful
Life is in the past.
In the golden years of fifty plus
You must put your health in the doctors trust
Weight gain , blood pressure and loss of sight
Makes it so hard to sleep at night.
Now you worry if someone younger will pick up your beat
And you’ll find yourself in the street.
The people that you see have all been done wrong
Cause that unemployment line is very long
Companies feel that you’re too highly paid
And they can get two for just the same.
When it becomes two for the price of one
Then you know that you are done.
Retirement and health benefits go out the door
Cause they don’t want you any more
They now keep people working under the full time hours
So they don’t have to pay any benefits to you
And you can’t live on that unemployment, so what are you to do.
If you are not married and don’t have two incomes coming in
Then your choices are mighty slim.
Find room mates or move back in with your parents just to survive
And you know it’s a downright crime.
The elderly could buy food or their medications , but could
Not afford to get both until you moved in to help pick up the slack
And for you and your family there will be no turning back’
Welcome to the golden years !
© L . RAMS 073016

her virginity

They made fun of her because of her virginity
And saving herself for her marriage is something
They could not see.
They would say : why save yourself for that day may never come
And you’ll never enjoy your life or have any fun !
She would respond :
My virginity is for mine to keep and to share it with another
Is what you seek , but my body is my temple
And only goodness will come in and not for someone’s pleasures
And not for me to sin.

What happens if you get pregnant long before your time
And that boy says : “ it’s not mine “.
You have to raise your child and your dreams are scattered in the wind
Just because you decided “ to give in “!

No thank you ! I’ll keep my virginity until my wedding day
Because when I wear the white – it’ll be the proper way !
© L . RAMS 072716

look up

some may think that this is a lie ,but as I “look up “ to the sky
I see bands of angels passing by
some come to greet the new lives on earth , at the moment of their birth.
others come to take away the departed souls who will now be completely whole.
we also have the angels who walk this earth , which we may meet and never know , who will touch our lives before we go.
it may be a few words that is said to relieve the pains in our heads.
or to console and strenghten us in our times of despair
to show us that people do care.

‘ LOOK UP “ and maybe you will see
those bands of angels – just like me.
© L . RAMS 072616

how we grow

Many , many years ago when I was young and didn’t know
That at times life could be so cruel and there wasn’t any rules
Where you could be happy one second and hurt the next
And how life will put you to a test.
Where people around you seem friendly and caring
And their wisdom they don’t mind sharing.
Then you find hypocrisy and hate and will put you at hell s gate.
Where beauty and love was all I could see the way this world was
And how I wanted it to be.
Why is it so hard to love one another , for in GODS eyes
We are all sisters and brothers.
We find these people every where we may be
Who don’t give a damn about you or me.
Who say they’re your friends who will watch your back
And then sneak up and attack.
People who may want your job or the life you live
And yet they have nothing to give.
But we grow up and we begin to see the way our life just might be.
Do we want to be like them ? or do we want to be a true friend.
If we are brought up decent and right , then all this hatred we must fight
It’s not to say that the parents are bad , but the environment of where
They do grow and won’t listen no matter what they’re told.
How we grow no one can say , but let us look for a better way.
© L , RAMS 071516

negativity ! what do you do ?

I was never one to visualize before , now the visions
Are at the door.
I see possibilities that could exist , and the ones that I missed.
I see the doors opening wide just to let me look inside
The glamour , the glory , the struggles and strife
All that come within this life.
I have to believe in me before others can , so that when
It’s needed , they’ll give a helping hand.
With every dream there is someone there to lead you down the road
Because in this life you cannot do it alone.
No matter how good we may be, a novice we still will be.
With encouragement and reaffirmation of what you want to do
You can have your dreams come true.
stay away from negativity for it will pull you down
And your dreams will be shattered and left on the ground.
What happens when you live with the negativity and you can’t get away
Must we close our minds and not listen to what they have to say ?
Now the battles begin and you argue , fuss and fight
Then at times you say things you don’t mean to say
Or it just comes out the wrong way.
In a battery you need a positive and negative for it to work
But in an argument it is the negative forces , and it’s
Like trying to whip a team of dead horses.
Negativity ! What do you do ?
© L . RAMS 071216

how love can be

don’t let yourself be blind , love is not
just a state of mind – love is a feeling
so deep in your soul , it is the thing that makes us whole
love can be a passion , a desire , the flame of your fire.
love can be what you want it to be
it is the emotion that sets us free.

the act of love is stronger than words
it will be seen and not heard, so I want
to take you on a dream vacation
so you can feel every sensation.
and open up every door so you can feel love once more.

to take away the pains that they put you through
and show you a love that’s brand new.
take the dream vacation where all women want to go
where one man s love is all they know.
where two hearts can become as one
and enjoy life and have fun.
© L , RAMS 070816