can you picture JESUS

Can you picture the blood of JESUS lying on the ground
While laying on this cross being nailed and bound
The pain that was etched on his face
As he prayed for the lords grace.The nails being driven through his hands and feet
Knowing soon that god he would meet.
Yet he was forgiving his fellow man
For they could not understand.
That he was being sent by god above
To show his compassion and his love.As they picked up his cross and placed it in the ground
The screams of “ crucify him” simmered down.
Many fell to their knees and cried
While others were joyous and satisfied.Now picture JESUS looking down at the crowd
Searching for his mother and seeing her on her knees
And with god she did plea.
You could hear in her mind saying
“ let thy will be done, for you had blessed me with your son”.And as the skies turned completely black
And his face fell to his chest
The crowd felt the fear and the unrest.
The thoughts entering their minds
“ is this truly the son of god that we crucified? ”
And we believed the rabbi s and all their lies.

Now that you visualized this in your mind
As I had done so many times.
Now picture the face of JESUS looking
Down at you and saying

“ I forgive you”.

louis rams :

power of prayer

With the power of prayer you can not compare
For our Lord is always there .
He listens to every word we say as he looks
Over us from day to day .
He knows our wants and sees our needs
And on that we do feed.
He fills up his heaven with angels from below
And the ones he will choose you do know .
A mother , a father , a sister a brother
For like them there are no others.
Every one of us are grains of sand to complete
The beaches on this land .
Each touching each other and creating a world of hope
So that our children can learn to cope.
This is the Power Of Prayer and he always takes us there.
© L . RAMS 072917 ( poetlou )

he pulled me up

I saw myself drowning in a world of sin and hate
I saw myself drowning and started to lose my faith
I looked up to the heavens and prayed to God above
To not let me weaken and lose my faith and love.
We have become so busy just trying to survive
That we begin to believe other peoples lies

Monetary issues are putting everyone down
It s affecting everyone , just turn and look around.
We need the higher power of the Lord up above
Who can reverse this with his guidance and his love.

We cannot expect it right away – for Rome wasn’t built in a day
And I know this to be true , for I have been waiting patiently
Just like you.
Yes ! He pulled me up and gave me strength I never knew
I had before , and one by one he opened up the doors.

I know I cannot give up for he is always there
And all my doubts and worries with him I will share.
© L . RAMS 102616

daddy ! why am i so different


( special needs )

The father watched his daughter looking out the window

Feeling so glum , when she turned and asked him :

Daddy ! Why am I so different ?

Why can’t I jump and run and have some fun ?

I know I can’t run as fast or jump as high

But I’m willing to give it a try !

Her father looked at her and thought about what he was going to say

You see when God made mankind , everyone gave him thanks and praise

To God , but as time went by people started changing and giving

Less thanks and praise

So God decided that he would make special children who could remind

The world of what they are missing.

These special children saw more dreams than most other children.

A child would dream about riding a big white horse

While the special children could see a big white horse with wings

To take them any where in the world

Other kids dreamed about being kings and queens in far away lands

While special kids saw themselves as kings and queens

Helping others to follow their dreams.

Now the world has opened up their eyes and created “ special Olympics “

He called these children “ visionaries with special needs.

Yes my daughter ! You are different in so many ways

But the world needs you so they don’t go astray.

You see things that others will not , because you have a special gift

That others have not !

GOD gave me the four things I need in this life

Faith , hope , love , and YOU !

© L . RAMS 041816


i am

Those three nails that you see , is when they crucified me
The blood has dried but the nails are here
To show the world how much I cared.
The cross is made of wood and put into the ground
Where I stood preaching to a congregation of how
To achieve their salvation.

It is of sacred ground , yet no where can it be found.
The tomb where they laid me to rest is gone from
The sight of man , and with your faith you’ll understand.
The cross and nails you do not have to see
You just have to believe in me.

I am the truth , the realization and through me you’ll achieve salvation.
My words and deeds have been put in a book – all you have to do is look.
these words and deeds that were made by me is because of my father
Can’t you see.
I AM but my fathers son who came to save this world and every one.
© L . RAMS 011616

my LORD my GOD

LORD JESUS I put my faith in you in all that I try to do

Whatever is your will , I will see-cause you have certain plans for me.

The plans I want may not be your plans that I require

For you may have plans which will be much higher.

It may be just to have peace and happiness, and live my life without regret.

Many people who have wealth and fame , find peace and happiness hard to explain.- they have everything that money can buy

But their hearts are dead inside.

I may not have all that they posses , but my heart and mind are at rest.

If you struggle just for money and for fame

There is something inside that has to change.

It’s that we lose the values that we once held dear

And our family members all disappear.

Say his name and preach his word , for all our prayers he has heard.

© L . RAMS 102215

he was a follower

He hid me in the rafters because for him the
Roman soldiers were coming after.
As they led him out the door he screamed up to GOD once more
I will gladly give my life for you, there is nothing more that they can do.
He was tried and sentenced to be crucified
They say as he looked up he saw JESUS face up in the sky
Looked at me and said good-bye.
You must practice what you preach – this is something
That he did teach , and with GOD in your heart
Into a new world you will start.
So teach your children as he taught me
In the other life you’ll be free.
There will be no more suffering , aches or pains
For your life will forever change.
You never fear the unknown – if your faith is very strong
Let us all do the same – follow him in CHRIST’S name.
© L . RAMS 041615

the preacher girl

she was a little girl about seven or eight
Had a dream but couldn’t wait.
Said she been dreaming of this since she was two
And knew just what she had to do.
She felt the LORD in her soul –that to preach she was told.
She told her preacher what she felt inside
And it was something that she could not hide.
She would preach the gospel while in school
While other kids thought her “the fool “.
The preacher seeing the pain in her face said:
“You can preach in my place “.
He set up his pulpit with a wooden stand
So she could grab the mic with one hand.
When the congregation gathered to their dismay
She grabbed the mic and started to pray.
The sermon she gave left the people in awe
This had never been done before.
They all stood up and started to sing
Because the feelings this girl did bring.
The” hallelujah s “and” praise the Lord”
Was being sung like never before, as they walked out the doors.
She is just a little girl – but JESUS CHRIST filled her world.

no such thing as handicapped


Born deaf and not a sound to be heard
Sign language was her only words
Longing to hear any sound at all, even the bouncing of a ball
To know what it would be like to hear a robin sing
And the sounds of early spring.
She learned to read lips and could feel the vibrations of musical sounds.
The sensitivity in her fingers had gotten so good
That the music she understood.
She found that the guitar vibrations she could feel more
And it opened up a brand new door.
Her mother saw the joy that the guitar did bring
So she bought a guitar with everything.
The amplified speakers did rock the floor
Even through her closed door.
She learned to play guitar and write music too
And showed the other children just what to do.
Soon afterwards she created a band in the
SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF and showed others that there is no such thing
As HANDICAPPED, and that only happens when you turn your back.