Jesus and John the baptist

The most beautiful sound I ever heard was when
Jesus spoke his loving words
“ believe in me as I believe in you “
Those words ring so true..
He has been with us since our birth
He is our savior here on earth.
Two thousand years age God gave us a sacrificial lamb
He gave us his son so we could learn and understand.
Christianity was created with his name , and Christmas
Did just the same for Gabriel is the Christmas angel
Who God sent to tell Elizabeth of the birth of John
And then to Mary to tell the birth of Jesus.
Now God made John a special man to preach of Christ s
Coming throughout the land.
John would baptize all who was seeking salvation
And to the wicked he would preach hell and damnation.
When Jesus came to be baptized John stood in awe
This was the one he had been waiting for.
John felt unqualified to do what Jesus had asked of him
And told Jesus “ I need to be baptized by you “
But Jesus had to be baptized to endorse John s “ ministry of baptism “
When Jesus head came out of the water – the heavens opened
And the spirit of God descended upon him.
‘ this is my son whom I love – with him I am well pleased “
The people who witnessed this extraordinary scene
Were astonished and began to believe.
Now when I pray on Christmas day , I give thanks to
These three in my own way.
Gabriel the Christmas messenger , John the Baptist who opened
Up the path for all to see that “ Jesus was sent to save you and me“.
© L . RAMS 122716


chanukah and christmas

Chanukah And Christmas

2100 years ago a band of Jews defeated the Greek army
And drove them off their land, reclaiming the holy temple
In Jerusalem and rededicating it to the service of god.
when they sought to light the temples menorah
They found only a single cruse of olive oil that
escaped contamination by the Greeks.
Miraculously the one day supply lasted eight days.
The sages instituted the festival of Chanukah
To publicize these miracles.
The Dreidel which is a four sided top with a
Hebrew letter on each side which means
“ a great miracle happened here”
was used later on in the years to give thanks to god
Without the enemy knowing that they were praying.
Chanukah, the Jewish festival of rededication, also known as the festival of lights, is an eight day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev.
Chanukah is probably one of the best known Jewish holidays, not because of any great religious significance, but because of its proximity to Christmas. Many non-Jews (and even many assimilated Jews!) think of this holiday as the Jewish Christmas, adopting many of the Christmas customs, such as elaborate gift-giving and decoration. It is bitterly ironic that this holiday, which has its roots in a revolution against assimilation and suppression of Jewish religion, has become the most assimilated, secular holiday on our calendar.

Christmas and Chanukah are known world wide
But these two faiths do not collide.
They walk hand in hand
For they came out of the promised land.

You see: the son of god was born a Jew
The Romans felt this was taboo.
No other religion could exist
This was controlled by the Romans fist.

JESUS preached in synagogues throughout the lands
Something that the Romans did withstand.
His own people wanted his death
But little did they know
That with this- a new faith would grow.

The cross on which he died became a symbol
Of Christianity, and that’s the way
God meant it to be.

Chanukah is eight days of giving while the Christian
Holiday is just one day, but during these
holidays we all kneel and pray.

We give GOD thanks for all the beauties of the earth
And for family and friends, and it is something
That will never end.
As long as man holds a belief in their hearts
And faith, -then all will be overcome and
Let GODS will be done.

louis rams

i feel his presence

I felt his presence around me and felt a chill run up my spine, showing me all the beauties that he created for you and I .
He has taught me to love my fellow man and to give
The helpless a gentle and loving hand.
Every time I had fallen and gone astray
He was there beside me to lead and guide the way.
So this is going to be the song to sing for the people
Who don’t have anything.

LORD ! I put myself in your hands cause my needs you understand
You will give me what I need just so that I can breathe.
My needs may not be so great , but you give me what it takes
You give enough to feed and clothe me and a little extra too
To do the things that I must do.
You say “help yourself and I will help you “
And that is just what I will do .
when I am sick and feeling weak , you build
Me up to my peak.
You have never let me down for your presence is all around.
I thank you LORD each and every day that you help and guide me
And show me the way.
© L . RAMS 121816

the apostles chapel

Blessed was the day that I walked the streets alone
No family , no friends , no home
With five cents in my pocket and my clothes torn and tattered
And death seemed like the only solution that mattered.
I would ask people for help and they would turn their backs
No one knew me or what I had gone through
But they was quick to judge and to put me down
And once in a while throw a coin on the ground.
I went to the top of the bridge ready to jump
When I heard a voice say “ don’t do that for you are my son “
I looked around and there was no one there
Just a puff of smpke hanging in the air.
“ there are tests that everyone goes through ,just to see
What they would do.
When you was about to take the plunge you asked for forgiveness
And God heard your plea and decided to send me.
Still looking at the puff of smoke – it started to take shape
Of an angel with the most beautiful face , dressed all in white
From head to toe , and the face with such a glow.
As it stood there I could see the wings upon its back
And as that hand touched me , I felt my old life come back.
“ you never did anything wrong my son it’s just a test of time “
Of when you would call me and take away your blinds.
From this moment on your life will change and nothing
Will ever be the same.
Sooner or later everyone will call upon God
Whether near or whether far.
The gift of redemtion God has given to you
Because your heart is pure and your thoughts are true.
Believe in me as I believe in you , and a better life will come true.
The Apostles chapel is down below , and this is where you must go
And the changes you need you will know.
© l . RAMS 121416

the ” ultimate christmas “

Children around the world waiting for Christmas day
So many letters to Santa, with so many things to say.
Asking for every toy ever known to man
And all his little elves giving a helping hand.

It is no longer dolls, wooden soldiers, and rubber balls
That they ask for today.
It is computers and computer games, Nintendo’s and wii”s
That on TVs. you could see virtual reality.
Cell phones and kindles to read your books.
The touch of a finger is all it took.

Even with all the technology today
Children are taught to kneel and pray.
Christmas isn’t just a day of gift giving
For without CHRIST life isn’t worth living.

So don’t take CHRIST out of CHRIST- MAS
Let him forever stay, for in our lives
He will lead the way.

SCROOGE who had the coldest heart in town
On this day CHRIST he found.
He learned the joys of love and giving
And his life was now worth living.
All his wealth he started to share
And his love was beyond compare.

Because of his help and love- TINY TIM survived
For without the operation he would surely have died.
TINY TIM grew up and became as successful as can be
And taught and raised his own family.

Leaving CHRIST in CHRIST-MAS was the key
That helped to pull him out of poverty.
So why do we need ghosts in our lives to appear?
It doesn’t cost anything for love to share.

louis rams


there’s a Toyland at the mall saying “ come on in we have it all “
The children dressed in winter gear looking for Santa
And his reindeer.
Other children in the mall window shopping and having a ball.
The Christmas carolers all around making shoppers happy
With their sounds.

You can hear church choirs singing silent night
And the houses all lit up with Christmas lights.
Toyland is a Santa’s workshop where elves work never stops
Every toy within your sight is a Childs delight
Sleds , bikes , dolls and more – you can find it at this store.
Through glass windows you can see , the Elves
Working and singing happily.

The children are asking “ Santa where are you tonight
It’s Christmas eve and you’re no where in sight.
They say it only takes you an hour to cover the world
And leave presents for every boy and girl.
We know we’re supposed to be asleep when you come
But seeing you would be so much fun.

There’s a child in all of us yearning to be free
Looking for our dreams underneath the Christmas tree
Then when we get older we put our childhood dreams away
But in our hearts it will forever stay.

We need this Toyland as much as the children do
And this we know is so very true.

© L . RAMS 120716