Alzheimer s has your mind and I have you

Alzheimer’s has your mind, and I have you
When you ask me:” who am I?”
My heart breaks and I begin to cry
Alzheimer’s has taken over your mind
But I will be with you till the end of our time.
I will wash your face and comb your hair
Cook and clean – “I don’t care “.
We had made a vow for better and worse
So I’ll take care of you and won’t hire a nurse.
I may have to remind you every day
Of memories that may have slipped away.
I know that if the tables were turned, every border you would burn
Just to keep our love alive, and keep me by your side.
This sickness may affect your mind, but I’ll open the doors every time.
I will remind you of the good times and the bad times
The happy times and the sad times.
I will be your television screen and show you everything in between
Although you may have that faraway look and your eyes may be glazed
When you do remember I stay amazed.
Because you have a smile from ear to ear
And you look at me and say: “I love you dear “.
© L . RAMS 11115



The word bipolar can put fear in your heart
Because you’ll never know when it will start.
Also known as manic depression and it can become
A lifelong obsession.
Wondering when the next bout of fear will enter you
And if you know just what to do.
It is like the devil trying to take your soul
And it becomes a battle of control.
Most times in order for you to live
You must take the meds that they give.
If your child is bipolar or autistic, will you love them any less?
I don’t think so is my guess!
The LORD puts a child where he / she belongs
With a person he knows is strong.
The strength of the parents helps them to cope
With the problems old and new, and that is
Something that they do.
Let us be a little realistic, not many crimes
Are committed by bipolar or autistic
So how can they use words like crazy, retarted or handicapped
When against us the cards are stacked,
When this becomes a challenge close to home
Remember that you’re not alone.